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Knitting Brioche Increase and Decrease Stitches

How to knit the Brioche Increase and Decrease Stitches for the Camella Hat

Today we’re diving into the squishy soft world of brioche! In our 5-minute SweetGeorgia survey sent out earlier this year, one of the most popular techniques knitters let us know they’d like to learn was brioche. There are so many designs available featuring the beauty of brioche, but for anyone new to this knitting technique, reading the stitch descriptions may be daunting.

If you’re just getting started in brioche knitting, Felicia earlier recorded a Two-Colour Brioche tutorial on the School of SweetGeorgia. This tutorial helps explain how to knit basic brioche stitches in the round. These steps can then be applied to any project you’re knitting brioche in.

But if you’re looking at taking it the next step further with knitting stitches that look like they are twisting, swooping, and swaying, we’re happy to share with you our newest tutorialKnitting Brioche Stitch Increases and Decreases!

In this tiny tutorial, Felicia demonstrates how to knit the “br4stinc” and “brRsl dec” brioche stitches that are used in the Camella hat pattern, designed by Katrin Schubert. In the tutorial, Felicia is using our Superwash DK yarn in Strawberry Tea and Shadow to help show how these stitches are worked. We hope it helps you tackle your next brioche project with knitting confidence!

Click here for the How to Knit Brioche Increase and Decrease Stitches tutorial


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