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Preview of the Autumn + Winter 2020/2021 Season

Autumn & Winter 2020 Seasonal Colourways on Tough Love Sock

Our Seasonal Preview videos are something we put together twice a year, every year, to launch our new, coming soon collections. And today, we’re happy to share with you what we’re planning for autumn and winter this year!

Now, the new releases we talk about in today’s video are not available as of yet, but will be in stores later this summer in August. This includes eight new seasonal yarn colourways, two new Party of Five mini-skein sets, new Autumn + Winter patterns, plus our Mystery Knit-along coming this Fall!

Autumn & Winter 2020 Seasonal Colourways on Tough Love Sock

Autumn + Winter 2020/21 Seasonal Colourways

In addition to the new seasonal palette, we’ve updated our Core Collection colourways with the return of a few fan favourites we hope you’ll be happy to see. We’ve also extended the colourways which will be available for a couple of our newest yarn bases: BFL+Silk DK and SeaSilk Lace. These bases had each started out with limited colour options (different for each base), but will be expanded with more colours to choose from.

As we look forward to celebrating our 15 year anniversary this September, these rich, saturated colours fit perfectly with our look back at past years, with excitement for years to come filled with timeless, wearable pieces. All of this alongside helpful and exciting new content at the School of SweetGeorgia, and we simply can’t wait!

Click here to watch our Autumn + Winter 2020/21 Seasonal Preview Video!



  • what patterns I mention: Beekeeper Cardigan design by Marie Greene of Olive Knits, knit in BFL+Silk DK in Cayenne.
  • what yarns I mention: Our BFL+Silk DK yarn – a 75% bluefaced leicester, 25% silk base that is excellent for sweater knitting. Also mentioned is our SeaSilk Lace yarn – 65% silk, 35% seacell. This yarn is a heavier 2-ply lace weight with a beautiful shimmer and drape.
  • looking for a tutorial to help? Check our current list of tutorials available on the School of SweetGeorgia. We look forward to sharing more in the coming months as well!
  • see all the Core Colourways for 2020: download the PDF with all the Core Colourways here.
    *UPDATE: We also have a downloadable Colourway Reference Guide to help see which colours are being discontinued in 2020. (Discontinued colourways are available to order until the end of August 31, 2020.)
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3 thoughts on “Preview of the Autumn + Winter 2020/2021 Season

  1. Ruth says:

    So excited about the new core colorways! And the expanded palette for Seasilk Lace!

  2. Sarah Huffman says:

    Is an advent calendar in the plans this year?

    1. sweetgeorgia says:

      Thanks Sarah! Yes, we are planning an Advent-related holiday project this year! More details are coming soon :)

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