SweetGeorgia Colourways Soon to Disappear!

SweetGeorgia 2019 Spring Seasonal colourway swatches of yarn

As we prepare for the excitement of new seasonal colourways and an updated core collection (soon available here on our SweetGeorgia site – stay tuned!), along with it comes the time where we say goodbye to the colours which have been replaced, or to those discontinuing seasonal palette colourways from last year.

But these soon to disappear colourways are still with us for a little bit longer! All discontinued colours will be available for ordering up until the end of August 31, 2020.

Of course, the big question though is what colours are soon leaving?!

To help provide all the info needed to see which colours are available on what bases and when, we’ve put together a SweetGeorgia colourway reference list! We hope this acts as a helpful reference tool when planning out your next order!



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