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Weaving on Schacht’s Arras Tapestry Loom

Felicia Lo's Tapestry Weaving on a Schacht Arras Tapestry Loom

Last year, after traveling to the Sunshine Coast to film and learn tapestry with Janna Maria Vallee, I came home inspired to try tapestry… but I didn’t have a proper tapestry loom… until now. In today’s episode of Taking Back Friday, I’m talking about the brand new Arras tapestry loom that was just released by Schacht Spindle this past spring. It has some wonderful features that make it smooth and efficient for weaving tapestry, and I’m finally getting some hands-on practice with what I’ve learned so far.

In the few days I’ve had to assemble, warp, and play with the new loom, I’ve come to appreciate a few things about it:

  • I’m in love with the shedding device that helps make the weaving so much more efficient
  • being able to adjust the tension of the warp has been so helpful
  • I like the 20″ weaving width as it seems to be able to accommodate a large range of project sizes. I do talk about being able to possibly warp multiple projects on the loom at one time.

If you have been curious about tapestry or what you need to get started, see today’s episode of Taking Back Friday, or check out Janna’s blog post about getting started with tapestry weaving.


  • what I’m wearing: The Navelli Tee designed by Caitlin Hunter. I knit my version from two skeins of test-dyed Tough Love Sock (closest colour is Deep Cove), plus one skein of Fauna and one skein of Auburn. We have some colour sets for Navelli here too.
  • what I’m talking about today: Schacht Spindle Company’s Arras Tapestry Loom. Find further Tapestry Weaving supplies our website HERE, or contact us if there are any further products you’re interested in.
  • interested in learning about tapestry weaving? Visit the School of SweetGeorgia to learn more about Tapestry Weaving, starting with Tapestry Weaving basics, followed by a further workshop to help explain more on weaving Stripes in Tapestry, both courses taught by the talented Janna Maria Vallee!
  • what’s on the tapestry loom: I’m weaving a little sampler with leftover BFL+Silk DK yarn and it’s working up beautifully at 8 ends per inch (epi).

About Felicia Lo

founder + creative director of SweetGeorgia // designer + dreamer // wife + mama // dyer, knitter, spinner, weaver, youtuber + author // been writing this blog about colour and craft since 2004 // see what I am making @lomeetsloom and @sweetgeorgia.

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One thought on “Weaving on Schacht’s Arras Tapestry Loom

  1. Susan Goldman says:

    Hello Felicia-
    I appreciate your video discussing the Arras tapestry loom and it’s features. I bought one, assembled it, and wove about ten rows. I have previously worked on framed looms, constructing them in different sizes for differnt tapestries, and was wondering if there is anyway to adjust the warp lenght on the Arras for a shorter tapestry, if I want to. I’ve looked carefully to see if it is possible, but if it’s there, I don’t see it (which means it proably isn’t possible) and thought I would check with you on the chance that I’m missing something.


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