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SweetGeorgia Advent 2020 Preorders are Here!

SweetGeorgia Advent 2020 Knitting and Weaving Kits

Can you feel it? That soft buzz of excitement humming beneath the surface? It means the holiday season will soon be near, bringing with it our brand new Advent 2020 kits!

It comes as no surprise that SweetGeorgia is enchanted with colour and this twinkling season seems to bring it all home. Bright-coloured packages tied up with string, pine and conifer shades decked out in ribbons of silver and gold, sparkles of sunlight across the frosted ground in dazzling hues of pink, blue, and purple, blue jeans and cocoa mugs in front of a crackling orange-flamed fire … we could go on and on.

We’re hoping to capture that colourful magic in our Advent 2020 kits, with a slightly different twist than in past years. This year, we’re offering two colour palettes to choose from. Each features twelve mini-skeins of our popular Tough Love Sock uniquely packaged with surprise extras and daily instructions for the mystery patterns.

SweetGeorgia Advent 2020 Knitting and Weaving Kits

Two colour palette options to choose from – warm or cool

SweetGeorgia Advent 2020 Calendar kit colour options

Each Advent 2020 kit contains twelve brilliant SweetGeorgia colours of Tough Love Sock mini-skeins (80% superwash merino, 20% nylon). There are 985 yds / 900 m per set, 82 yds / 75 m per 0.75 oz / 22 g mini-skein.


Click here to preorder your Winter Wonderland or Midnight Embers Advent 2020 kit! 

UPDATE: Advent 2020 Kits are now sold out on our website, and as mentioned below, we unfortunately don’t have any further kits available for sale. Here is the list of local yarn shops carrying SweetGeorgia Advent 2020 kits – be sure to contact them for possible availability!

Needle Emporium – Ancaster, ON
Needles in the Hay – Peterborough, ON

A Piece of Ewe – Bay City, MI
Always in Stitches – Noblesville, IN
Around the Table Yarns – Shaker Heights, OH
Knit Wit Yarn Shop – Portland, ME
Knitting Knook – Fox Point, WI
Main Street Yarns – Mason, OH
The Knittin’ Coop – Salem, VA
The Yarn Shop of Lincoln – Lincoln, NE
Twisted Loop Yarn Shop – Prior Lake, MN
Yarning for You – San Marcos, CA
Yarnology – Winona, MN

Craft Atelier – Singapore



We have very limited quantities available and recommend placing your order as early as possible.

Due to limited supplies, we unfortunately will not be able to release any further sets for sale after they have sold out. There will also be no waitlist. Our apologies for this limitation.



  • Twelve mini-skeins of Tough Love Sock
  • Three mystery patterns geared towards intermediate knitters and weavers.
  • Three delightful yarn accessories
  • Materials to display for a holiday ambiance

Cast on date for the kits is intended to be December 1st, but of course you can enjoy working on your Advent at anytime!



YES! Each kit contains instructions for three different pattern options: two knits and one woven! Makers can choose which pattern they’d like to make after they receive their kit:

  • a lace + garter shawl for those eager to build new skills
  • a lace + garter lap blanket for those eager to whip out a quick cozy project
  • a scarf for those who are eager to weave throughout Advent

For both shawl and blanket, knitters should be comfortable with (or ready to learn) yarn overs, ssk, k2tog, kfb, s2kp, and short rows, such as w&t and hiding wraps. And if you’re not familiar, then we’ve got you covered with all the tutorials to help! Tutorial links will be available closer to Advent start.

The stitch patterns will be both written and charted for your preference.

For the woven scarf project, you would need a multishaft loom that is at least 16 inches wide and there will be a mix of different twill weaving effects, with it only requiring about 15 minutes of weaving each day.



  • North American orders: Advent kits will ship the first week of November
  • Outside North America: Advent kits will ship mid-October
    (We’ve noted that some non-North American orders may take anywhere up to 75 business days to be delivered. We continually work to ship International orders as quickly as possible, but are unfortunately unable to guarantee delivery times.)

PLEASE NOTE! Any additional items added to your Advent 2020 order will ship at the same time as your Advent kit. If you would like to receive these items separately, please place a separate order.



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17 thoughts on “SweetGeorgia Advent 2020 Preorders are Here!

  1. Lavell Thompson says:

    The colours look beautiful- I wish there was a crochet option – not sure I feel confident enough with my (very limited) knitting skills

    1. sweetgeorgia says:

      Thanks for your feedback Lavell! Hopefully one day we’ll have the ability to provide a crochet option too :)

  2. Mildred J Larimore says:

    when does this have to be paid for? At the time of the preorder of when shipped?

    1. sweetgeorgia says:

      Thanks Mildred, the kits are a pre-order and so they will need to be paid for upon purchase. The pre-orders will be shipped in November.

  3. Lisa says:

    I liked the last two kits I had but this one is more expensive. How come the price change? And no big pink box?

    1. sweetgeorgia says:

      Thanks Lisa! Yes, there’s a price change because there’s almost twice as much yarn in this kit! In the previous kits, we were offering 20 mini-skeins that were about 25 yards each for a total of about 500 yards. In the 2020 kit, there will be about 985 yards. And we didn’t go with the big pink box this year because we are trying something new :) doesn’t mean we won’t have pink boxes in the future… :)

  4. Nikki Degeneffe says:

    This will be my first advent calendar and I am so excited!!

    1. sweetgeorgia says:

      Fantastic! I’m so glad to hear it! Hope you enjoy it Nikki!

  5. Estar says:

    Wish it was shipped out in Sept. for us knitters who need plenty of time! Can’t buy when it arrives so late before Advent. :(

    1. sweetgeorgia says:

      Thanks so much for your feedback, Estar!

  6. Deserie Harrison says:

    Question about buying from US retailers- will they still be shipped from Vancouver? Would really rather not deal with customs surcharges. I don’t object to paying GST, however, I do object to them charging more than the GST to collect it!

    1. sweetgeorgia says:

      Thanks Deserie, if you are purchasing directly from a yarn shop in the US, then yes, they would be shipped from the US. Only the kits purchased from our website here will be shipped from our Vancouver studio.

    2. sweetgeorgia says:

      Also Deserie, Needles in the Hay and Needle Emporium (both shops in Canada) will be carrying our Advent kits so you might want to reach out to them if you are in Canada :)

  7. Elaina says:

    Will you be able to buy the advent patterns separately as well?

    1. sweetgeorgia says:

      Yes, thanks Elaina! The Advent patterns will be released separately in 2021 :)

  8. Dana says:

    This looks lovely. I’m so eager to start. What size knitting needles are recommended for the knit lap blanket pattern? I want to be ready! :)

    1. sweetgeorgia says:

      Thanks so much Dana! The lap blanket pattern suggests size 9 US / 5.5 mm circular needle, 24” (60 cm) long.

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