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Introducing the Dye Drops

SweetGeorgia new Dye Drops and logo

It’s been fifteen years and we have pushed and stretched ourselves in ways we could have never imagined. After all these years, we finally have a shiny new logo and logo mark that I want to share with you today.

SweetGeorgia 2020 new logoSweetGeorgia 2020 Dye Drops logo mark

We are calling it the Dye Drops.

SweetGeorgia is founded on hand-dyed colour and this trio of dye droplets represents the mixing and blending of colours to create new hues of deeper richness and complexity. The trio signifies our mission to inspire, educate, and engage.

Each dye droplet is made of a gradient of two hues: fuschia to gold, lavender to fuschia, and aqua to pale lime. The fuschia is the same in two droplets but appears different because of the colours it blends with.

The arrangement of the dye drops is reminiscent of a mountain range, highlighting the fact that we are from the Pacific Northwest. The dye drops themselves also look like raindrops — another wetcoast reference.

The cluster of dye drops also appears like a little family unit, with each member being transformed in hue by the other members. With our team being made up of wonderfully unique and diverse individuals, I absolutely love that each person has influenced every other person and that when we all work together, we become richer, more complex, and more full of nuance than if we had worked alone.

As a former graphic designer, it thrills me that this idea for the dye drops just came to me in a moment of quiet clarity. It was like for a moment, everything made sense. Where we came from and what we have become, what we stand for and where we’re going. I love that this little cluster of dye drops is imbued with so much meaning and I’m so proud of what we have created together.

Watch today’s Taking Back Friday vlog episode where I share, and show, more about this new design that is now a part of our SweetGeorgia family.



  • what I’m wearing: I’m wearing my Sailing Sweater designed by Beckie Paul. I knit my version in SweetGeorgia Mohair Silk DK in the Arbutus colourway.
  • what I mention today: In today’s vlog episode, I’m talking all about the new logo and design for SweetGeorgia. I also briefly mention the font and design used for the School of SweetGeorgia. You can read more about the School in my recent blog post, including details about our new SOS Mobile app available for download to both iOS and Android devices.




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