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Meet Mira – Part One

Leclerc Mira II counterbalance floor loom

After taking 30 minutes just to unpack the boxes, my husband Dan and I go through a 28-page instruction manual on today’s vlog to start assembly of my new Leclerc Mira II counterbalance loom!

Join me on today’s Taking Back Friday video for part one of the set-up of the new Mira loom, as well as other building projects that are taking place at the new studio. The studio is not completely finished yet, and this week will be a busy week preparing for upcoming filming sessions we have planned in this space. We have filming planned using the new Mira II loom, plus filming for a new School of SweetGeorgia spinning workshop with Katrina Stewart. There’s a lot to prepare – I have to build and stain shelving, build a loom bench, set up the space for filming… time to get to it!

Because of all of this work getting everything ready for the studio, we were unfortunately unable to participate in this weekend’s Knit City Vancouver. Knit City is still happening virtually for 2020 with workshops and a KCV Knit Night gathering via Zoom. It’s absolutely sad to miss this fibre festival because Knit City is one of my favourite times of the year. It’s the one time we get to see the friends we talk with online all the time, in person. They have many excellent instructors lined up who are teaching and I highly recommend you check them all out. There’s also a long list of vendors who were signed up to participate for 2020, so please do go and visit these makers online and support them in any way you can!



  • what I’m talking about today: In today’s video, I am setting up my new Leclerc Mira II counterbalance loom from scratch along with the help of my husband, Dan.
  • what I also mention in today’s video: I also share a sneak peek of what I’l be warping up first on this beautiful new loom. The shelving units I will be building and staining for the new studio are IVAR shelves from Ikea. Plus, here are all the links needed to access this year’s Knit City Vancouver details:
  • want to learn more about weaving and looms? Visit our online weaving courses at the School of SweetGeorgia, as well as for a helpful guide to getting started with weaving looms. Also, view my how to buy a weaving loom vlog, sharing the process I went through when choosing this new Mira II loom.



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