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Colour Dominance in Colourwork Knitting

Modern Colourwork Knitting Swatches

After last week’s video about the project I’m currently working on, Wild Autumn Cardigan designed by Abbye Dahl, I received a comment asking about colour dominance in colourwork knitting. So on today’s vlog episode, I’m happy to share a bit more about just that.

Now I talk about this in more detail in the Modern Colourwork Knitting course on the School of SweetGeorgia, but today I want to touch a bit on what colour dominance means. Colour dominance is about the physical size of your colourwork stitches – about how choosing which hand to hold your yarn in can affect which colour will appear more dominant in your colourwork knitting. But every knitter is different, and so it is about exploring what works for you, and to then keep that consistent.

Ultimately, this is a big principle I try and share in everything we do on the School of SweetGeorgia. That is: I encourage you to explore, make your own swatches, make your own samples. Knit two swatches with colours in different hands and then see which you prefer. Which looks better to you. It doesn’t have to be what the book tells you; it’s all in your control when you know how it all works.

Watch today’s Taking Back Friday vlog for more about colour dominance in colourwork knitting!

Also, I can’t believe it’s already December. I am way far behind on my holiday gift giving and if you’re like me and need a few last minute gift ideas, we’ve just added a couple of new things to our website. There are some really cute accessories from Cocoknits – a new needle gauge and stitch markers in super cute colours. Plus, we just released a new skein trio set called Cades Grove. For this knitting kit, there are three colour palettes to choose from, each including three half-skeins of yarn that come together to produce a really lovely shawl designed by Tabetha Hedrick. See the shawl in the video!



  • what I’m knitting: I’m currently working on my Wild Autumn Cardigan, designed by Abbye Dahl. I am knitting mine using SweetGeorgia Superwash DK in Mink, and holding Tough Love Sock double for the colourwork section, using: Beach House, Shoreline, Sticky Toffee, Apple Pie, Mellow, Violet, Lollipop, Mulberry, and Lilac.
    By request, we’ve also made available two Wild Autumn Cardigan yarn sets for knitting Abbye’s design, which we’re offering at 30% off until the end of Wednesday, December 9. The kit is available in either the same yarn base I am using (holding the colourwork yarns doubled and the master colour in Superwash DK), or you can choose to knit the full sweater in our Superwash DK yarn.
  • what I also mention in today’s video: In talking about colour dominance, I also mention Andrea Rangel’s book, Alterknit Stitch Dictionary. which shows a swatch knit with one colour dominant, and halfway through the pattern, the knitter switches hands and the other colour becomes dominant.
  • want to learn more about colourwork knitting? As mentioned in today’s video, be sure to check out my course on the School of SweetGeorgia, Modern Colourwork Knitting. In this online course, I share more information about different ways to hold yarns when knitting colourwork, colour dominance and what to think of when selecting colours for your projects, steeking and so much more. There is also an opportunity to ask questions about the course in the SOS community forums – to chat and get help along the way!



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