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Holiday Projects & Gift Ideas

Bright Tinsel knitting pattern hat and mitt set designed by Tabetha Hedrick

Whether you’re looking for a quick-to-complete project in time for gift-giving, or just wanting inspiration for a little relaxed knitting for yourself over the holidays, we’re happy to share with you a few ideas we’ve been eyeing ourselves! With patterns for knitting and crochet, included is also a small selection of some lovely gift ideas. There are so many talented makers in the fibre arts community, we hope you have fun exploring them all and maybe learning about a few new ones in your search too!

And for fibre artists either new or experienced, give the gift of learning at the School of SweetGeorgia! We have SOS gift memberships available (redeemable towards new memberships only), and a number of courses and tutorials on the SOS site to help makers along the journey of fibre arts exploration. Or for another option that requires no concern over shipping delays, our SweetGeorgia Gift Cards are a great choice and can be redeemed towards any of the products on our site!

Knitting patterns

Crochet patterns


Weaving projects can also be surprisingly quick to complete, and we suggest taking a look at the weaving courses on the School of SweetGeorgia, which have patterns included in each course. As well, Felicia’s new Triple Check houndstooth scarf pattern is perfect for weavers interested in fun colour play over the holidays.

For projects that can be done with little ones helping, take a look on the SOS site at the Frame Loom Weaving Basics or the free Weaving Circles tutorial!

Gift Ideas

In our online shop, we also have many tools and equipment for knit and crochet, spinning and weaving, including the popular Cocoknits accessories recently added to the site (the SGY team may be particularly smitten with the super cute Needle Gauge)!

And despite shipping times around the globe taking a bit longer, if you’re looking for something special to be delivered as a new year treat or an “on it’s way” gift to share with a friend, here are some ideas from some local-to-us makers (plus a few a bit further away):

There are so many excellent makers to follow and support online and I hope you enjoy this small look into some of the gift ideas on our own wish lists. Wishing everyone a safe, healthy and relaxing holiday season and end to the 2020 year!

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