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Spring + Summer 2021 Yarns & Colours

SweetGeorgia Hand-dyed Spring and Summer 2021 seasonal yarn colourways on single and double sock blanks

Guess what… it’s time for spring stuff!!

Twice a year we come out with new colourways for SweetGeorgia, and today I want to talk a bit about the colours we’ve chosen for this spring, the inspiration behind them, what’s happening this year in terms of colour trends, and other new things as well!

We also received a request for a tiny tutorial from one of our School of SweetGeorgia members, asking about how to tie skeins. And so as part of today’s video, we’ll also talk about sock blanks, how to wind double sock blanks for knitting socks, and then how to tie a skein using figure eight ties.

Join me at today’s Taking Back Friday vlog to hear more about the palette of colours we created for this Spring. Influenced by the idea of coming out of a long winter… coming out of our homes, and what we might be feeling about the need to get outside. To escape out into the woods, or perhaps out of this world. Breaking free. I’m so excited to share this inspiration behind our Spring + Summer 2021 palette!

SweetGeorgia Hand-dyed Spring and Summer 2021 seasonal yarn colourways

In the video, I also share a bit about our Dream Lab – where we test and create yarns requested by our customers. (BFL+Silk DK is one of these experimental yarns from the past couple of years which has become one of our favourites, with now 32 colourways available.) If you ever have an idea for a base yarn that you wish we would make but currently don’t have, please feel free to reach out to us! Leave a comment here or send us a message. We’re always open to new ideas and trying new blends!

Thank you for joining me for this week’s video! Next week we’ll be talking about our new Spring with SweetGeorgia Vol. 6 pattern collection and I’ll have all the garments ready for show. See you in the next one!



  • what I’m wearing: During the tutorial portion of the video, I’m wearing the Thunderclap shawl design by Tabetha Hedrick. It is knit in Tough Love Sock in Stealth Mode plus a Party of Five set in Tanzanite.
  • what I’m talking about in today’s video: Today I talk about our new Spring + Summer 2021 seasonal colourways, new Party of Five sets: Bloom and Blossom and Song & Lyrics, plus our new single and double strand Sock Yarn Blanks. In the tutorial portion of the video, I show an example of how to wind a double sock yarn blank for knitting matching socks one at a time. The colourway I demonstrate with is Alpenglow.
  • what I also mention in today’s video: Here are some of the things I mention throughout today’s video…
    • Pantone and their chosen colour(s) of the year for 2021: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. Making my favourite colour combination, Grellow!
    • The yellow yarns shown in today’s video (all links to our Tough Love Sock yarn) are: Saffron, Lemon Curd and Mellow.  The greys shown are: Silver, Slate and Charcoal.
    • In the double sock blank winding tutorial, the swift I am using is the Schacht Ultra Umbrella. It is quite amazing.
    • As we talk about our BFL+Silk DK Dream Lab yarn, the suggested pattern I mention in the Wild Autumn Cardigan by Abbye Dahl (we have sets for this pattern available here). Stay tuned for later this year where we also hope to share a fingering-weight version of this same BFL+Silk base.
    • Another pattern I mention, for possible projects to knit with our new Spring 2021 splashy colourways, is Dipped Arms by Katrin Schneider.
    • The sock blank I’m currently working with on the loom (using one strand for the warp, and one for the weft) is our Lighthouse (Double Strand) Sock Yarn Blank.

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