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My Top 5 Must Have Weaving Tools

My top five weaving tools — end-delivery shuttles

In the spirit of spring cleaning… of getting rid of things and minimizing, I want to talk today about a few tools that I’ve really come to rely on in my weaving, day in and day out. To talk about curating your collection of tools to make sure the tools you have work the best for you.

The School of SweetGeorgia filming space at the studio has become a second weaving space for me with the big Leclerc Mira II counterbalance floor loom. Then at my home, I have a big loom in my attic, as well there is a loom which has migrated into my dining room, so there’s a corner that has been taken over by weaving stuff there as well. And I want to make sure that my weaving life is really streamlined, really minimal. That I don’t have a ton of stuff floating around. So for the things that I do keep on hand, I want to make sure these are the things that I use over and over.

On today’s Taking Back Friday vlog, I share with you five things that I’ve found to be absolutely indispensable when it comes to weaving. These are the five things that I use for pretty much every weaving project. If you’re looking at collecting tools for weaving – trying to figure out what you actually need – hopefully I can show that you don’t really need that much stuff. You can just have a small collection of things that work really well for you.

I would love to hear to hear from you… have you been getting rid of any tools in the spirit of spring cleaning? Are there any tools you’ve found that you just can’t live without? I’m always looking to see what works best, and would love to hear from you in the comments!




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One thought on “My Top 5 Must Have Weaving Tools

  1. Fran says:

    Your explanation of using binder rings and the helping hands with lease sticks is the most helpful tip to this new weaver. I have made messes out of trying to make and keep crosses; this should help hugely. Thank you–I’ll be checking back next week.

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