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SOS Studio Clean Up

Houndstooth handwoven scarf design by Felicia Lo Wong, knit in SweetGeorgia yarn

It’s been a busy and hectic time… I’ve just finished filming 3 courses in 3 weeks, as well as a Live Office Hours session. You can’t really tell in the start of today’s vlog video, but there are samples on the floor all behind me that need to be organized and put away, and so I’m going to show you what it all looks like, and take some time to clean up the studio.

Join me at today’s Taking Back Friday vlog episode for a bit of a behind-the-scenes as I work on cleaning up the studio, plus at the same time share a sneak peek of everything we’ve been filming for the School of SweetGeorgia. Part of the reason I was in a compressed time schedule was to make space and way for other instructors coming through the studio to film, and I’m very excited to talk more about this new SOS content in today’s video.

If you’ve ever been interested or intrigued by what we are doing at the School of SweetGeorgia, then I welcome you to come check us out and see what we’re doing! We have an option where you can sign up for just $1 to try out the SOS site for two weeks, using the code: CRAFTWITHUS. You get to see all of the courses and check out the forums to see what people are making and posting. We would love to have you come and join this fabulous and warm, amazing community. If you’re at all curious about learning how to weave, how to combine colours, or learning how to spin or any of the fibre arts, we really encourage you to come and join the SOS community. See what we’re all about and spend some time learning the fibre arts together!

And now, I’m going to enjoy this newly cleaned studio for a bit. I really appreciate you joining me at these Taking Back Friday  videos and for being here. I’ll see you in the next one!



  • what I’m wearing: In today’s video I’m wearing my Five by Five cowl design, where I mixed and blended colours from my stash – a little bit of sparkly CashLuxe Spark, CashLuxe Fine and and our Silk Mist yarn. In the second portion of the video, I’m wearing the Worsted Boxy by Joji Locatelli, knit in Mohair Silk DK in Strawberry Tea.
  • what I’m talking about in today’s video: In today’s vlog video, I am cleaning up the SOS space at the studio after a busy filming session over the past few weeks. Here are links to some of the items mentioned in the vlog…
    • Natural dye packages from Botanical Colors, in preparation for our upcoming Natural Dye Workshop with local artist and natural dye instructor Caitlin Ffrench.
    • I mention my Patrick Green Electric Drum Carder (read more about Patrick here), which the belts broke and they are being replaced by Brother Drum Carder. I instead used the Ashford Drum Carder. You can also find other carding tools here on our site.
    • A favourite colourway for spinning fibre, Throwback. blending board rolags from Debbie Held,
    • My handspun yarn spun from Pigeonroof Knits fibre in Fairytale. Krista is no longer dyeing yarn and fibre, but you can find her on Etsy here.
    • For the filming of the Houndstooth episode at Handwoven Colour (live on the SOS site now!), I show samples woven on my Louet Spring II countermarch floor loom, and show a swatch woven using Harrisville Highland yarn woven on a rigid heddle loom. Other scarf samples shown were woven in either our Mohair Silk Sock yarn, or the gradient version using a Double Sock Blank in Lighthouse and Tough Love Sock in Ultraviolet.
  • want to learn more about weaving, spinning and the fibre arts? Visit us over at the School of SweetGeorgia! Taught by an exceptional group of fibre arts instructors, the School is filled with comprehensive course content, articles, and community forums, to help you on your fibre arts journey.

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