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Blending Board versus Drum Carder

Blending Board versus Drum Carder

For the past few years, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of blending boards and how accessible they are but up until a few days ago, I hadn’t had the chance to try it for myself. So today, I’m talking about my experience making rolags for the very first time and also showing you how drum carders and blending boards transform spinning fibres in different ways. Watch our Friday video to see how these two fibre prep tools differ in how much fibre they can process, how they distribute colour, and how much time they take to use.

My very first rolags

After making my first set of rolags, I can say, I’m addicted. This fibre prep tool is quick and easy to use, and offers so much creative freedom when it comes to playing with colour and texture.

Spinning Mix-Ins

During the filming of “Blending Boards: From Rolags to Rovings” with Debbie Held, she showed her tool box full of precious luxury fibres — from silk to sparkle — and I was inspired to create something just like it for us to play with as well. So, we put together a little starter set of fun and textured fibre “mix-ins” that could be sprinkled into various blended fibre preps. Just a tiny pinch of sparkle is all you need and a set like this might last many many carding sessions… unless you use up all the silk in one go, like I did.

Ultimately, I encourage you to choose the fibre prep tool that fits best with your needs — how much fibre do you want to process and what format do you want it to be in when you’re finished? I’d love to hear more about how you use a blending board or how you like to work with your drum carder. What’s your favourite fibre prep tool or method for making carded fibre?



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4 thoughts on “Blending Board versus Drum Carder

  1. Amaya says:

    Thanks so much for this breakdown Felicia, I found it super helpful! I’m in the same place where I’ve been spinning for a number of years now, exclusively from combed top and just using my default, learned as I go, spinning method. Just recently I got curious to learn and try different preps and techniques. I’ve been struggling to find a clear explanation between what can be done with drum carders vs blending boards, your explanation could not have been more perfect. It’s decided, I (of course) need both

    1. sweetgeorgia says:

      Haha YES I feel the same way… gotta have both :)

  2. Norman says:

    ah…posts like these always want to make me pick up spinning. I just love looking at these colorful rolags and imagining how nice it would be to knit something with my own fiber. my day needs more than 24 hours!!! >.<

    1. sweetgeorgia says:

      Oh yes! We could always use more time to spend on knitting and spinning! :)

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