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A Closer Look at the EEW 6

Dreaming Robots EEW 6.0 spinning demonstration

A couple of weeks ago, I received this lovely e-Spinner in the mail from Dreaming Robots. It is the Electric Eel Wheel 6.0, or the EEW 6, and I have been spinning with it for a couple of weeks now, and wanted to share with you some of the experience I’ve had.

After our earlier unboxing video of the EEW 6, I wanted to answer some of the questions you asked. You wanted to see me spin super fine yarn on it, and also some super thick and textured yarn. I was also asked about demonstrating long draw. And so we’re going to do all of those things on today’s Taking Back Friday video, plus we’ll do a couple of comparisons between the Ashford e-Spinner 3, Dreaming Robots EEW Nano and the EEW 6 to compare size, speed, weight and noise level.

For everyday spinning, I think this is a great, productive and solid e-spinner – it can pretty much do anything you want to do with it. As a disclaimer, we don’t currently sell EEW e-spinners and don’t make anything if you do choose to get one. Maurice at Dreaming Robots sent us one to play with and share with you. I’m so thankful for everything Dreaming Robots is doing to innovate and make fibre arts tools more accessible. My motivation in sharing this with you is that I just want you to enjoy spinning, and learning about how yarn is made. So anything that helps more people discover spinning, I’m all for it.

And a reminder that if you like spinning or are interested in spinning, we have a solid library of spinning courses and workshops over at the School of SweetGeorgia! If you’re new to the School, use the coupon code: CRAFTWITHUS to get 14-day access for just $1. You can also check out our Content Roadmap to see all the courses we’re working on now. There’s lots and lots of things to make and do there!


  • what I’m wearing in today’s video: The sweater I’m wearing is Navelli, designed by Caitlin Hunter. I knit mine using two skeins of test-dyed Tough Love Sock (closest colour being Deep Cove), plus one skein each Fauna and Auburn.
  • what I mention in the vlog: Here are links to items talked about in today’s video…
    • Dreaming Robots Lazy Kate. You can adjust the number of pieces for the number of bobbins you’re using, and it comes with some elastic bands for a tension function. It also has additional pieces which allow it to also be used as a yarn ball holder.
    • The fibre I’m spinning with in the video is our Polwarth+Silk Aurora and Candy Shop. They can be found here.
    • In the video I mention that Greta, from our School of SweetGeorgia team, has also been spinning with the EEW 6. You can find her on Instagram.
    • For EEW 6.0 stop fix information, Maurice has provided helpful steps at the blog post here and at the video here.
    • I mention an upcoming course with Diana Twiss, creating batts and rolags and how to spin them up. Coming soon to the SOS!
    • The new Dreaming Robots EEW Yarn Counter has recently hit Kickstarter.
  • want to learn more about spinning? Join us over at the School of SweetGeorgia! There you can find excellent spinning course content, plus chat with instructors and fellow spinners in the SOS Community Forums. For makers new to the SOS site, you can sign up for a 14-day trial for only $1, with access to everything that SOS has to offer. Enter the coupon code: CRAFTWITHUS on the plan of your choice on our sign-up page.

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One thought on “A Closer Look at the EEW 6

  1. ELAINE GAULT says:

    Thank you, Felicia! I watched you unpack the EEW6, and was inspired to buy one. I hadn’t even considered an electric spinner until I saw your video. Who knew spinning could be so easy! And I can spin more yarn in less time. I’m working my way through the SG courses and am looking forward to trying different types of wool. The EEW6 is a real game changer for me.

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