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Spinning Rolags

Felicia Lo Wong spinning rolags on a Lendrum Saxony wheel

So, today I wanted to pick up where we earlier left off. In a previous video, I talk about the rolags I made following our Blending Boards: From Rolags to Roving course at the School of SweetGeorgia. These are the first rolags I’ve ever made on a blending board, and today I want to show the next step of spinning them up.

Join me at today’s Taking Back Friday vlog as I spin these rolags using long draw on the beautiful Lendrum Saxony wheel. This is not the wheel I typically spin on as it’s always here, safely enclosed, in my attic space, but when I do get a chance to come up and spin on it, it’s the best thing ever.

Thank you for joining me here at today’s vlog – we’re here every Friday with a new video sharing something that makes us happy. We’ll see you in the next one!


  • what I’m talking about in today’s video: Today I’m spinning up the rolags I made following the release of our Blending Boards: From Rolags to Roving course taught by Debbie Held. If you’re interested in making your own rolags using either a blending board or drum carder, check out our fun Spinning Mix-In Sets with different fibres that can be added into your carded fibre prep.
  • what I’m spinning on in today’s video: The spinning wheel I am using in today’s vlog is my Lendrum Saxony Double Drive Wheel.
  • want to learn more about spinning and the fibre arts? Join us over at the School of SweetGeorgia! We have spinning courses available for beginner spinners or spinners looking to expand their skills. If you’re new to the School and interested in joining, start a 14-day trial for only $1, with access to everything that SOS has to offer. Enter the coupon code: CRAFTWITHUS on the plan of your choice on our sign-up page. I’d love to chat with you there!

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