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Quiet Bay SweetGeorgia Mystery Knit-Along

So, today’s vlog may not be very long, but we’re going to talk about something very important. I want to talk about our 2021 Mystery Shawl Knit-Along that is coming this August.

Every year we do this project that is called the Mystery Knit-Along, the MKAL, and they are shawl projects with the idea that you don’t know what the final project will be. You won’t know what it’s going to look like or how the colours are going to interact, so it’s all a surprise. That’s part of the fun – working through clues every week for five weeks, and then you end up with a beautiful shawl.

Join me at today’s Taking Back Friday as I share more information about the Quiet Bay MKAL, and how we’re incorporating something new this year with the MKAL pattern designed by one of our Designers in Residence, Ruth Nguyen!

Now, go and get your yarn, get your Quiet Bay pattern and we will see you inside the School for the discussion! I’m excited to hear about whether you’re planning to join us for this year’s knit-along. and maybe about which colours you’ve picked. Please do leave a comment below and let me know what you think about MKALs and if you’ll be joining us this year!


  • what I’m talking about in today’s video: In the vlog, I talk about our new Mystery Knit-Along design for 2021, pattern design by one of our 2021 Designers in Residence, Ruth Nguyen! You can find more information about the Quiet Bay MKAL at the MKAL blog post, and find Ruth on Instagram at @redearthdesignstudio!
  • what else I mention in the video: Here are links to sone of the other items talked about in today’s vlog…
    • I mention previous year’s MKALs being designed by Tabetha Hedrick. Our last two year’s patterns are Laurel Mists and Carolina Waves.
    • I also mention our new Designer in Residence program. The two fantastic designers we’re so excited to be working with this year is Ruth Nguyen and Matt Akers.
  • want to learn more about knitting and the fibre arts? We’d love for you to join us over at the School of SweetGeorgia! We have an array of fibre arts courses available for all skill levels, plus you can chat with instructors and fellow makers in the SOS Community Forums. If you are new to the SOS site, you can sign up for a 14-day trial for only $1, with access to everything that SOS has to offer. Enter the coupon code: CRAFTWITHUS on the plan of your choice on our sign-up page.

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