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2021 SweetGeorgia Advents are Here!

SweetGeorgia Advent 2021 Yarn and Pattern Sets

As dusk eases in beneath the breathless cold of winter, our senses seem to sharpen. The air on our skin, the softness of wool in our fingers, the distinct prism of colours that glitter from the lights at the edge of our vision. Everything is richer, vibrant, captivating. Just like our new Advent 2021 kits!

For the 2021 holiday season, our SweetGeorgia Advent kits will help us settle into that beautiful space of cozy contentment. We’ve dreamed up two colourway sets this year to choose from:

  • Walk in the Snow (cool blues and purples)
  • Fire & Ice (warm blues and reds)

Keeping the mystery throughout, both sets lead you down a rainbow path of discovery and delight. Included in each kit, you’ll also have the option of THREE mystery patterns to choose from: a triangular knit shawl, a knit scarf, and a crochet scarf. Each design playfully highlights every hue you receive in your Advent calendar and feature a sampling of lace and texture. This year’s delightful Advent patterns are designed by Matt Akers (one of our 2021 SweetGeorgia Designers in Residence), Tabetha Hedrick and crochet pattern by Charlotte Lee!

These sets are limited quantity and sell out quickly – preorder your 2021 Advent today!

SweetGeorgia 2021 Advents are available to preorder from our online shop as well as at these fabulous local yarn shops:


United States:

Each 2021 Advent Kit includes 15 mini-skeins in CashLuxe Spark plus 1 full skein in Tough Love Sock (approx. 1210 yards in total) plus all three pattern options. Unwrapping a little package of joy each day, there will also be 8 yarn accessories included in the advent calendars, plus we’ll have all pattern instructions printed on a full sheet for makers who choose to read ahead.

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