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Spinning and Knitting The Shift Cowl

Colourful handspun yarn by Felicia Lo Wong with fibre by SweetGeorgia Yarns

I have a finished object to show you today! I’ve been away from this Taking Back Friday space for a couple of weeks because I’ve been taking my family to do summer things. We took them to Pender Island for a weekend and we also went camping for a week, and so during that whole time, I was able to knit The Shift Cowl design by Andrea Mowry.

This cowl has been on my list to make for many years now, and it’s something that really got me back into wanting to spin. The whole project has been mesmerizing to knit because you don’t know what colour is going to come up next. And so today, I want to talk about the yarns I’ve been spinning for making this cowl, and how I’ve been feeling so good about it too.

If you are interested in joining us, we are going to be doing a Spinning Study Group starting September 1st at the School of SweetGeorgia. There, we have a study group chat space set up, and we will have guidance every week for September and October to lead you through exercises to improve your spinning. So if you’re interested, you can come and sign up and join us there! We are also doing a Back to School special right now at the School which you can find more info about here. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to make something fun. I highly recommend The Shift Cowl because it really is a fun way to get back into spinning – into making something that you want to play with and explore colour with.


  • what I mention in today’s video: Here are links to items I talk about in today’s vlog…
    • The pattern I knit is The Shift Cowl by Andrea Mowry. Next, I’m planning to make Andrea’s shawl version of the cowl, Nightshift, which is knit in a worsted weight yarn. Both designs call for Spincycle Yarns, which is what I tried to replicate with my own handspun.
    • The fibre I show in the video is SweetGeorgia Polwarth+Silk, New Colourways on Spinning Fibres in: Aurora, Throwback, Celestial and Pacific Spirit. (Pacific Spirit has since been discontinued.)
    • The (coming-soon) spinning class I talk about, which has greatly helped improve my own spinning process, is Nuances to Spinning Better Yarns, taught by Kim McKenna. In this course, Kim shows a lot of techniques to help improve the yarn you spin. Preparing the fibre all ahead of time, so that when you do spin, it is better – light, airy and fluffy fibre. You can see all of the courses coming soon to the School of SweetGeorgia at the Content Roadmap.
  • want to learn more about spinning and the fibre arts? I welcome you to come visit all of the different levels of fibre arts classes available at the School of SweetGeorgia. Right now, as part of our Back to School special, you can save 15% off our quarterly and annual memberships – learn more at our sign-up page!


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