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Unexpected Lessons from Natural Dyeing

Felicia Lo Wong and natural dyed yarns from the School of SweetGeorgia Natural Dyeing Study Group

It’s been a couple of weeks since we sat down and talked about anything to do with the fibre arts, and I want to catch you up on all that I’ve been doing this summer. It’s been 10 weeks now working through the Natural Dyeing Study Group at the School of SweetGeorgia, and so on today’s vlog, I want to share what we’ve been natural dyeing, and the unexpected lessons I learned from all of that.

I think there’s a bit of a lesson that comes with natural dyeing; of looking at things in the moment. To enjoy that feeling of looking at the colour in the pot, knowing it may change and become something different once it’s dyed and dried, and that will be okay. To just go with where it leads you and enjoy every moment along the way.

If you are at all interested in learning about natural dyeing, I encourage you to pop into the school and check out the study group – it will continue to be open with the week-by-week instructions, along with people having discussions as they continue to dye.

And if you are interested in learning how to improve your spinning, then I hope you join us for our autumn Spinning Study Group! We have a promotion going on at the School right now – check it all out at: www.schoolofsweetgeorgia.com.




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