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First Time at a Fleece Auction

Lower Mainland Sheep Producers Association fleece auction

I want to tell you about something I did on the weekend, and it was the very first time I’ve ever done this. I went to a fleece auction. I went with Greta and Kathy from the studio, and we went to the Lower Mainland Sheep Producers Association Fleece Auction to go and see what it was all about.

The idea for this came about earlier this year when we put out a survey to our School of SweetGeorgia members, asking “what are you most interested in learning about?”. A lot of the members are spinners – they’re interested in fibre and where wool comes from, and the #1 most requested topic was how do we work from fleece. It was an interesting result as I did not think there were so many people who were going to be interested in fleece – sheared from a sheep, washing and processing it, and figuring out which parts of the fleece need to be used for what. So, Greta and I started talking about how we could make that happen.

And so for today’s Taking Back Friday vlog, I’m going to tell you all about what a fleece auction is and why I think you should go too.

There’s something about going to a fleece auction that seems really inaccessible, that it’s not something for me. Part of the reason I wanted to make today’s video is to show you the inside of what our fleece auction here looks like, so if you have one locally, you might try to attend or participate. If you like sheep, wool and spinning, this is a place you can go to get access to beautiful fibre!

I would love to hear from you if you think that working from fleece is either interesting, overwhelming, scary, messy or fabulous… I would love to hear what your thoughts are around this whole idea of starting at the very beginning of the yarn making process. Let me know in the comments!

A reminder as well that we still have our Spinning Study Group currently taking place at the School of SweetGeorgia. There is no pressure to keep up week by week, the content will always be there. We hope to see you there!


  • what I mention in today’s video: Here are links to items I talk about in today’s vlog…
    • At the Lower Mainland Sheep Producers Association Fleece Auction, the fleece judge filmed in the video is Lynne Anderson from West Coast Colour, judging a Shetland fleece. We also spoke with Sherry Stewart of Conigas Textiles. Sherry will be teaching us a lot more next year at the School of SweetGeorgia in a new course about working with fleeces.
    • The fleeces we won were two Gotland + Romney crosses and one Polled Dorset.
    • The two Pender Island BFL + Cotswold fleeces I purchased earlier this summer were from Inish Isle Farm.
  • want to learn more about spinning and the fibre arts? Come visit all of the different levels of fibre arts classes available at the School of SweetGeorgia. Right now is an excellent time to join us at the School with our Back to School special (use the code BACKTOSCHOOL2021 for 15% off quarterly and annual memberships). More information at our SOS Membership page.

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2 thoughts on “First Time at a Fleece Auction

  1. Sandy Potvin says:

    Great video! Please continue exploring and explaining the whole process from fleece to yarn. I’m starting along this journey and appreciate your knowledge and perspective. Thank you,
    Sandy Potvin

  2. Leah Murray says:

    Loved your vlog on the fleece auction — and I have to say that I remain in awe of the knowledge and skills of Sherry Stewart and Lynne Anderson. They are both very knowledgeable about fleeces and wools, and I could listen to them for years on end without getting bored – every time either of them opens their mouth to say anything, my entire attention goes right onto their words, and every time, I learn something I didn’t know before.

    I’ve been to the LMSPA annual fleece auction a few times now, and thoroughly enjoyed it — had to let it go this year, but will be back next time, I’m sure. Don’t miss it if you don’t have to: it’s a terrific day, and a great learning experience!

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