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Socktober Starts Now

Socktober at SweetGeorgia on Felicia Lo Wong's Taking Back Friday vlog

Today, we’re going to talk all about knitting socks! It’s October, and every year at SweetGeorgia we celebrate the fine practice of knitting your own socks for Socktober. Hand-knitted socks are an incredible luxury; to wear some kind of merino, cashmere, silk or wool blend that’s been dyed by hand, then knit by hand into a sock that beautifully wraps around your foot is just incredibly luxurious.

Join me at today’s Taking Back Friday where I talk about the first pairs of socks I knit by hand and, if you’ve yet to knit socks yourself, how I hope to convince you that it’s not that difficult. I also want to share with you a sneak peek of our new, coming soon, limited-edition sock blank for Socktober, called Autumn Moon, along with the fabulous shawl Charlotte knit using this single sock blank.

I would love to hear about your own first pair of hand-knit socks. What were your first socks like? What pattern did you use or would you recommend? And also, do you have any advice on sock knitting machines, or maybe on knitting socks two-at-a-time? This month is all about socks, so tell me your stories… I would love to hear!


  • what I’m wearing in today’s video: I’m wearing my The Throwback cardigan designed by Andrea Mowry, knit in SweetGeorgia Superwash Worsted in Trinket, Watershed, Sea Grass and Afternoon Nap. For this sweater, I also used the Chiaogoo Bamboo SPIN knitting needles.
  • what I mention in today’s video: Here are links to items mentioned in today’s vlog…
    • For the very first pair of socks I made in 2006, and the same pattern I’ve knit many times since then, is the Basic Sock Pattern by Regia Jacquard.
    • The socks I’m currently knitting use our SweetGeorgia Single Sock Yarn Blank in Alpenglow.
    • Kate Atherley’s Custom Fit Socks book I’ve used in the past for knitting custom sized socks.
    • I also mention our School of SweetGeorgia Custom Top Down Socks for Beginners taught by Tabetha Hedrick, teaching the entire process of knitting a top-down custom fit sock.
    • Very shortly, we’ll also have a Toe-Up Sock Workshop coming to the School, also taught by Tabetha Hedrick.
    • I show a preview of our new limited-edition single sock blank, Autumn Moon, which will be available very soon! (We’ll have this available early at Knit City Mini this weekend, if you plan on attending!) Charlotte knit the Autumn Moon sock blank, combined with CashLuxe Spark in Snowfall, into the Chari pattern by Tabetha Hedrick.
  • want to learn more about knitting and the fibre arts? I encourage you to come visit all of the knitting content available at the School of SweetGeorgia (SOS) for all different levels of knitters and fibre arts makers! If you are new to the School, use the code: CRAFTWITHUS to get 14-day access for only $1!

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One thought on “Socktober Starts Now

  1. franklin.kerryaline says:

    LOVE SOCKTOBER! I knit my first pair of socks last year….probably took a month because I ripped them out so often, I probably actually knitted them five times. Since then, I’ve knitted many pairs, and love it. I’ve created a basic toe up pattern template, to which I can apply different patterns for the foot and leg, so it goes really quickly because the toe and heel are always the same. Works well for me.
    Really love your vlog and your yarns! Thank you!

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