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Learning to Weave Twills on 4-Shafts

Twill gamp weaving project in-progress by Felicia Lo Wong

If you’ve been following my Taking Back Friday channel for some time, you’ll know that I’m quite obsessed with weaving. I love weaving. I love weaving with my own hand-dyed and handspun yarns; whatever it has been, I’ve really enjoyed weaving from the moment I first tried it. And today, I want to show you my very first handwoven project… the thing that I made at the very start when I was learning how to weave on a 4-shaft loom.

I’m passionate about trying to encourage people to try weaving because when they discover it, when they finally sit down at the loom, the comment I often hear is “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this”. But as you know, one of the big challenges to weaving is getting access to equipment or expertise – figuring out how everything works. How do you get to a piece of cloth at the end of the day? So in today’s vlog episode, I want to talk about how you can get started with weaving and all the places you can take it.

Beyond talking about weaving, I feel like the next step is being able to do it alongside you. Using the new Weaving Twills on 4-Shafts course at the School of SweetGeorgia, we have a new Weaving Study Group starting in January! If you’re interested in joining me for this study group, I really encourage you to join the School now to start looking at some of the classes already published. I’ve listed suggestions at the study group page for how to warm up and get prepared. I hope you’ll join us!

I would also love to hear from you… tell me about your own experiences with learning how to weave for the very first time. I’d love for you to share in the comments!



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