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Kickstarting YOUR Fibre Arts Journey

Sometimes, in between big projects, I’ll try to clean up the attic and tidy my stuff up. Wiping up the fibre dust from the previous project, sorting out yarns that the kids play with while I weave, or organizing the tools and supplies so they’re in the right places again. I’ll try to pause and remember how long I’ve had something or where it came from, and try to remember to be thankful for the equipment and tools I get to use. I’ve said this before, but none of this equipment appeared in my life overnight. All of these bits and pieces of equipment and stash accumulated over more than 16 years of working with yarn and fibre, knitting, weaving, spinning and dyeing.

I reflect on this because I know that not everyone will have the same tools that I’m working with and talking about in these vlog episodes. Sometimes it’s hard to get traction, especially with spinning and weaving tools that are larger and more expensive. With knitting and crochet, you could get started with a hook or a pair of needles and a ball of yarn. But with weaving, not only do you need the loom, but you need shuttles and bobbins, a bobbin winder, a threading hook, a sleying hook, a warping board, and on and on it goes.

Now on today’s Taking Back Friday vlog, I’m happy to share something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now… we are creating a scholarship fund for the School of SweetGeorgia as a way of kickstarting fibre artists in their journey.

Find the School of SweetGeorgia Scholarship application here »
With this scholarship, we will provide a $750 gift certificate to the SweetGeorgia shop for the scholarship recipient to apply toward looms, spinning wheels, books, or yarn.

And the first item to support our new SOS scholarship: shop our SOS Artisan Aprons here »
The more merch we can sell, the bigger this scholarship fund becomes, and the more fibre artists and creators we can support.

We are completely open to ideas about what you would like in the way of SOS or SweetGeorgia merch. Like t-shirts or mugs or more fibre-specific things like the spinning gauge or the weaving tool that we made. We would love to hear what you think in the comments!


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