Taking Back Friday

Meet Melissa of Knitting the Stash

Conversation with Felicia Lo Wong and Melissa Littlefield

On today’s Taking Back Friday vlog, I’m so happy to share a recent conversation I had with Melissa Littlefield from Knitting the Stash!

You can find Melissa at her Knitting the Stash podcast on YouTube and she’s also come out with two new things that I was excited to chat with her about: the Flock Farm Yarn Shop, an online shop where you can find farm to skein yarn, and she’s starting to make knitting classes online as well.



As you know, we’ve done many conversations before with other SweetGeorgia Brand Ambassadors and I’ve enjoyed them so much. It’s wonderful to connect with other makers in the community and chat about the things we love to do. It was so great talking with Melissa – it was so warm and relaxing, and I really feel like we could’ve talked for hours!




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