Our New Spring 2022 Seasonal Colours

Spring and summer 2022 seasonal hand-dyed colourways by SweetGeorgia Yarns

Spring slips in like waves rippling across the shoreline. It begins as a gentle ebb brushing away the last dredges of cold before a sudden rush of mesmerizing colour. Flecks of violet, rose, and gold splash into the horizon as if the sun itself painted them in place. Shifting, swirling shades of every hue transform the landscape before our eyes.

We’re so excited to share with you the new colourways in our Spring + Summer 2022 palette – six new hues capturing the season’s vibrant pulse and mesmerizing movement. Fresh. Bright. Alluring.

SweetGeorgia handpainted hand-dyed yarn colourways spring + summer 2022
From L to R: Morning Light, Sunset Spice, Rosy Post, Crystal Rain, Celadon Spring and Hint of Mint.

We also have three new Party of Five sets to add to our mini-skein set line-up: Modern Desert, Farm to Table and Frozen Blueberry – they’re the perfect fibre treat!

As with our seasonal collections, the six new colourways are only available for one year – available to order until end of February 2023. And a reminder that our last year’s Spring + Summer 2021 palette will soon be discontinuing, at the end of this month.

Happy making!

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