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Weaving the Last Twill Gamp

Gist Beam twill gamp warp by Felicia Lo Wong - Lo Meets Loom

I was recently looking through old photos on my phone, as you do, and I came across a photo – the photo above – which is the warp that I wound from making my very first twill gamp back in March of 2021! It has been almost an entire year that I’ve been weaving twill gamps, so what have I learned in this entire year?

In today’s Lo Meets Loom vlog episode, I want to talk about the seven twill gamps I wove during this past year, and the six main things I learned throughout the entire gamp weaving process.

I’m curious… would you spend one whole year working on just one weave structure, or just one technique? Maybe you spend an entire year using just supported spindles in your spinning. Or an entire year doing just tapestry weaving. I feel like when we’re interested in so many different kind of crafts, it can become difficult to focus on just one thing at a time. But taking the time to spend the focus on that one thing, can be super helpful.



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