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SweetGeorgia hand-dyed lace weight yarns

The start of spring is still a few weeks away, but there’s already a spring in our step at the SweetGeorgia studio! We have a lot of new news to share today, and falling on International Women’s Day, it’s a fitting day to celebrate this work done by the amazing women on the SweetGeorgia team. A hand-dyed yarn sale, new design launches and new course at the School of SweetGeorgia, join us in celebrating all of it!

SweetGeorgia Lace Yarn Sale

Each spring, with days slowly growing longer and brighter and new buds popping up from the ground, we become entranced by the beautiful lightness and detail of lace knitting and lace-weight yarns. To help in sharing our love of lace, from now until the end of March 15th, you can save 20% off all SweetGeorgia lace-weight yarns!

Including our CashSilk Lace, SeaSilk Lace, Merino Silk Lace and Silk Mist yarn bases, this sale is also a perfect opportunity to get prepared for the upcoming Knitting Study Group at the School of SweetGeorgia!

Use the code: SPRINGLACE22 until March 15th to save on our hand-dyed lace yarns!

Celebrating Ruth Nguyen of Red Earth Design Studio

Ruth NguyenIt’s been an absolutely wonderful year of working together with Ruth Nguyen of Red Earth Design Studio, one of our 2021 SweetGeorgia Designers in Residence. We’re sad her time in the program is soon coming to an end, but we’re excitedly looking forward to many plans of continuing to work together… some of which are coming soon!

Celebrating the designs Ruth has released during her time in the DIR program, until the end of March 31st save 20% off Ruth’s knitting patterns at the SweetGeorgia shop! Use the code: RUTHROCKS2022 to apply the discount to Ruth’s patterns: Quiet Bay, Fireside Lace Set, and her new Thaw pullover design just released today!

Ruth’s Thaw pullover pattern is a comfortable a-line silhouette, knit in DK-weight yarn with three-quarter length sleeves that make it a perfect transitional top for the change in seasons. You can find the pattern now live on both Ravelry and here at our site (coupon code works at both places)!

New Shawl Pattern & SOS Knitting Design Course

If you’re a knitter looking to expand their skills into the knit design world, maybe interested in putting a good stitch pattern to use, visit our new Design Your Own Triangular Shawl course, taught by Tabetha Hedrick!

From conceptualization to swatching, gauge, crunching numbers, and blocking the final piece, Tabetha walks you through every single step of designing a top-down, triangular shawl shape. You’ll learn how to work all of this together into your very own design!

Included in the course is Tabetha’s new Cavatina shawl pattern – a decadent lace shawl in a classic triangular shape, and this pattern is now also available for individual download at both Ravelry and our online shop!

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