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Visit Canada on a Virtual Knitting Tour

Melissa Leapman virtual knitting tour to Canada

I don’t know about you, but I have wanderlust like you cannot imagine. My husband and I love traveling and it was always our goal that when our youngest Nina turned five, we were going to start traveling the world… taking the kids everywhere, trying new food, seeing new landscapes… just seeing how big the world is. I have missed it so much during these past few years.

In the past, I used to travel to Japan every couple of years to see my grandma, and I appreciate, and am energized by, being in an unfamiliar environment. I feel like having that larger and wider perspective has always been vital to my mental health. It reminds me that the things I’m going through, that I sometimes think are the end of the world, are kind of insignificant and not that big a deal when you see how much bigger the world is. I really miss that.

In this moment while many of us are still home or not feeling comfortable with traveling yet, I wanted to thank Melissa Leapman for organizing her virtual retreats for knitters. Melissa Leapman is an author and knitwear designer of over 1,250 designs, and she’s also started hosting these virtual knitting retreats taking knitters virtually to places like Sweden and Japan. This Spring, from April 22 to 24, Melissa will host a Virtual Knitting Tour to Canada where knitters will get a chance to meet many Canadian knitwear designers and makers. There are some fantastic sessions planned for the Canadian tour weekend that I want to take a moment to talk about in today’s vlog episode

A big thank you to Melissa for inviting me to be one of the instructors for this year’s Virtual Knitting Tour to Canada! If you’d like to join me to learn more about working with hand-dyed sock blanks, I would love to see your face in the Zoom room on April 22nd. I encourage you to check out all the instructors and different sessions – it just sounds like such a fun and amazing weekend of knitting, cooking and chatting!


  • what I’m wearing in today’s video: I’m wearing the Oatlands cardigan, knit in SweetGeorgia Mohair Silk DK in Molasses.
  • what I mention in today’s video: Here are links to items I talk about in today’s vlog live…
    • You can find more information about Melissa’s virtual knitting tour at her website, melissaleapman.com, along with all of the information about the fabulous instructors and classes mentioned in the vlog.
    • I mention Kate Atherley, co-founder of Digits and Threads, and her Custom Socks knitting book that I’ve referenced many times.
    • I’m sitting in the filming set for an upcoming School of SweetGeorgia course with Holli Yeoh. I talk more about the filming of this course in this vlog episode, and Holli’s sweaters (in the background) will be part of this course.
    • The sock blank I show in the video is our Cherry Blossom sock blank, part of the retreat goody box, which I will be referencing in the Gorgeous Gradients class I’m teaching at the retreat. You can also find out other hand-dyed sock blanks here.

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