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Felicia Lo Wong's Meet a Multicraftual Maker vlog with Janna Maria Vallee

Join me for a conversation with Janna Maria Vallee! Owner of Everlea Yarn and our tapestry weaving instructor at the School, Janna has been teaching tapestry for over a decade now, teaching both in person as well as online SOS classes for the past couple of years.

We’re starting an SOS Tapestry Study Group that begins on May 12th, and it’s all about learning the fundamentals of tapestry – such as how do you warp the loom, how you lay in the weft, make shapes or blend colours – and Janna will lead us through all these steps. We’re really excited about the possibility of bringing people who are kind of curious about tapestry, bringing them into their first experience of weaving tapestry.

I hope you’ll join me for today’s Meet the Multicraftual Maker conversation with Janna… we talk a little bit more about her background, how she got into tapestry weaving, why she likes it so much and how you can get started as well!



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