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Knitting Machines are Awesome

Felicia Lo Wong working on a knitting machine on the Taking Back Friday vlog

Are there crafts or techniques, things that are out there that you’ve sort of written off? Things you feel like “Oh, I could never do that” or “I would never try that”?

Lately, I have fallen down a massive rabbit hole that is machine knitting. I did not think that this was ever going to happen and it’s weird that I’m coming here, with two knitting machines, talking to you about all of this kind of stuff. So on today’s Taking Back Friday, I want to share with you about the Silver Reed LK150 mid-gauge and SK280 standard gauge knitting machines I’ve recently been experimenting with. I’m learning how to knit again from the very beginning, but this time, with a knitting machine.

I would love to hear from you – have you fallen down the machine-knitting rabbit hole? Or do you have a knitting machine or have you used one before? I feel like I’m looking for that knitting machine community and I’m not entirely sure where they’re all at. I’m really interested in meeting more people who knit with a machine and know a lot about them. Leave me a comment!



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3 thoughts on “Knitting Machines are Awesome

  1. Vicki says:

    There are a LOT of knitting machine groups on Facebook. There is one specifically for the mid gauge machines like your LK150 (Midgauge knitting machine is the name) and many other groups for various machines and beginners, I.e., Machine Knitting Round Yokes, Knitting Machines (all brands) Sales and Discussion, Machine Knitting Beginners and Returners and many others. I belong to those I listed and a couple others for vintage machines and such. The people in these groups are very helpful and will most likely be able to answer any questions you may have. There is a group called Knitting with Diana Sullivan and she also has many utube videos. Also, The Answer Lady has many videos on utube regarding use and repair of machines. You will find a wealth of information and very knowledgeable and helpful people in the groups I mentioned. Enjoy your new rabbit hole. Search machine knitting on Facebook and you will be amazed how many groups are out there.

    1. Hello! I watched your presentation on the Machine Knit Community and wanted to reach out to fiber enthusiasts that might be interested in more technical resources for learning to machine knit. In addition to the resources Vicki and Gloria listed above, there is the Machine Knit Community (MKC) found at https://www.mkc.community/ There is a fair isle challenge for new machine knitters starting 5 September 2022 for 20 GBP that also gives you free access for a month to the MKC. There is also an on-line Machine Knitting School run by Helen Sharp found at https://www.theknittingschool.online/ These are two that I highly recommend for all levels (beginner to advanced). There are other learning resources but I really like the formats of these two which are geared towards any level of knitter wishing to advance their knowledge of machine knitting.

  2. Gloria says:

    Hi Felicia! Glad to see such enthusiasm! I am a long-time hand- and machine-knitter. Each type of knitting is better for some things than others and each type of machine has its strengths and weaknesses. Please seek out machine knitters and talk to them. Like many crafts, there are shortcuts and hacks. For example, you don’t need a garter carriage, you can use a garter bar if its just a few rows. You can marl yarns by without pre-twisting by passing one yarn end through the center of the cake/cone of the other yarn. A rabbit hole, indeed!
    In addition to FB groups there are classes (eg Craftsy) and machine knitting guilds (a quick google search shows several listed in BC) Perhaps you will recruit an expert for SOS!

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