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Unravelling machine knitting on Felicia Lo Wong's Taking Back Friday vlog

When we make things, we spend a lot of time building something line by line, row by row, pick by pick. The idea of unknitting or unweaving, or rolling something back to a previous save point, seems like we screwed up and need to restart. Sometimes, you’re so deep into making something; it’s so close to your face you can’t even see the edges of it. You forget that you can step back and get a better look at what’s going on.

The process of unravelling is not sad. It’s not destructive and it hasn’t all been a waste of time or effort. The brilliant thing about unravelling is that you learn what you can change to make things better. And also, then you have everything you need to start again.


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2 thoughts on “Unravelling

  1. Kimberly Koch says:

    Question about the yarn in the picture….would you tell me the color and which yarn it dyed on because I want that yarn, it’s stunning.

    1. sweetgeorgia says:

      Thanks so much Kimberly! It’s “Velvet Elvis” dyed in Mohair Silk DK ☺️

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