Get Ready for the Autumn Dahlias Mystery Knit-Along

Autumn Dahlias SweetGeorgia 2022 Mystery Knit-along

**Note: This post was edited on July 25th to add a circular needle length and a tip about wet blocking your sock blank**

The abundant swath of dahlias sway against the skyline, seeming to wave their last farewells to the summer sun. At the height of their bloom, autumn seeps into the air like a whisper and the landscape takes on a richer hue. Dahlia’s soft petals, perfect and vibrant, beckon us into the season… and on to SweetGeorgia Yarn’s 5th Annual Mystery Knit-Along (MKAL).

“Every dahlia is love’s perfection in bloom.”

This year’s MKAL is playful and colourful, evoking a delightful sense of abundance. Delicate lines and subtle patterns let the colours take over, like when autumn dahlias overtake the garden at the close of summer. With gradient sock blanks and contrasting skeins, you’ll reveal, clue by clue, a beautiful, wearable shawl at the end of five weeks. This is a mystery knit you won’t want to miss.


Simply purchasing the Autumn Dahlias MKAL Pattern automatically ensures you’ll receive every clue update, as well as the full pattern once it is launched.

All the fun and camaraderie of the MKAL will take place on the SweetGeorgia Yarns Blog and, for School of SweetGeorgia members, the Autumn Dahlias MKAL Group. Be sure to check either of these spots for commentary, chat, tutorials, and announcements.


The Autumn Dahlias MKAL Pattern is available on the SweetGeorgia Yarns website and on Ravelry as a pre-sale pattern at the discounted early-bird price of $6.50 CAD. No coupon code is needed, but you only have until Monday, Aug 1 to snag it at the special discounted price.


Five weekly clues will be released on the following dates:

  • Clue 1: Aug 2
  • Clue 2: Aug 9
  • Clue 3: Aug 16
  • Clue 4: Aug 23
  • Clue 5: Aug 30
  • Final Pattern: Sept 13

If you purchased via Ravelry, you’ll need to hit “update” in your library on Clue Day. If you purchased via, you’ll receive a notification that the pattern has been updated; follow the link to download the updated Clue.


We hope you’ll join us on Aug 2 at 3pm EST (12 PST) for a fun Cast-On Party! Get to know your fellow knit-alongers and knit together for an hour. Link can be found in the Planning PDF upon purchase.


Designer: Tabetha Hedrick

Skill Level: Intermediate
Knitters will need to know how to work: left, right, and centered decreases; knit front & back and yarn over increases; slipped stitches; picking up stitches; and cable and long-tail cast on.


94 ½” / 240 cm wingspan
24” / 61 cm at the deepest point


Autumn Dahlias is worked with three gently (minimal) contrasting colours, using one skein of CashLuxe Spark, one skein of Tough Love Sock, and one Sock Blank. The total yardage used is 1270 yds of fingering-weight yarn.
We’ve put the following sets together to help take some of the guesswork out, available HERE from our SweetGeorgia shop, as well as at local yarn shops: Earth Faire​, Maker Savvy​, and Northfield Yarn. The original sample was knit in Antique Blush.

1 SweetGeorgia Yarns Mystery Knit-Along Set in Antique Blush. The set contains:

  • 1 skein SweetGeorgia Yarns Tough Love Sock in Blue Canoe (MC) (425 yd / 388 m per 4 oz / 115 g skein; 80% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon).
  • 1 skein SweetGeorgia Yarns Cash Luxe Spark in Haze (CC1) (420 yd / 384 m per 4 oz / 115 g skein; 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere,
    10% Silver Stellina).
  • 1 SweetGeorgia Yarns Sock Blank in Bloom & Blossom (CC2) (425 yd / 388 m per 4 oz / 115 g blank; 80% Superwash Merino, 20% Nylon).

Size 6 US / 4 mm circular needles, 24” / 60 cm long
Size 6 US / 4 mm circular needles, 32” / 80 cm long
Adjust needle size if necessary to obtain the correct gauge.
Yarn needle


26 sts and 48 rows = 4” / 10 cm in Garter st, unblocked and unstretched.
23 sts and 34 rows = 4” / 10 cm in Garter st, after blocking.
21 sts and 29 rows = 4” / 10 cm in Lace Swatch patt, after blocking.
Please note that changes in gauge will affect yardage used and final measurements.


The shawl is knit flat from side to side.

Knitters may find it helpful to unwind the sock blank into a skein and wet finish it to remove kinks. This will help with consistency in some of the patterning.

SweetGeorgia Yarns wants to ensure you have everything you need for your crafting success, so be sure to check out our growing library of knitting (and more) courses at



About Tabetha Hedrick

Tabetha Hedrick, Design Director for SweetGeorgia Yarns, lives by the belief that joy comes when fully participating in the present moment. And that joy is ever so easy to find when immersed in the world of fibre! When not knitting, writing, editing, or researching, she fills the time raising two girls, two dogs, and one husband in Tennessee.

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13 thoughts on “Get Ready for the Autumn Dahlias Mystery Knit-Along

  1. Sandra Burkett says:

    I just received my kit for the Autumn Dahlias MKAL and it is suggested that the yarn be washed prior to use if knitting color work. Do you recommend this?

    1. Hi Sandra,
      Great question. We do everything we can to ensure the dye is set and fully exhausted out of the yarn, but water pH differences (between our studio and your home, for example) can impact certain colours, potentially pulling a little more dye from the yarn into the water/surrounding colours. *I* don’t personally pre-wash my skeins unless I am working with high contrast colours in colorwork or with very, very dark hues of red, black, blue, or purple. The Autumn Dahlia kits are relatively low-contrast and softer hues, so I wouldn’t worry too much about a pre-rinse (unless it just eases your mind). Hope that helps!

  2. Sandra Burkett says:

    Thank you, I just wanted to be sure that I wasn’t courting disaster by not pre-washing.

  3. Dylan McAdam says:

    I’m so excited for the MKAL! Will there be a chat section in the School group? That’s always been my favorite part of the SweetGeorgia MKALs in years past!

    1. I’m so glad you’re excited because I am, too! There will be a group that SOS member’s will use to chat with each other. The rest of us will be hanging out here on the blog to chat (though, if you’re not a member and interested in checking out all the courses, I’d sign up at the beginning of Aug for the $1 trial period. You’ll be able to join the group, but also access soooo many courses to enable all your crafting. grin).

  4. Heather MacLeod says:

    I am washing and skeining my Pom Pom Sock blank before we start. Will the pattern matter which end of the sock blank I start with? I think the orangey end first? I want to make sure I wind the ball properly.
    Thank you.

    1. I love that particular set. If it was me, I’d start with the yellow/orange end first. :)

  5. Heather MacLeod says:

    Thank you. yes.

  6. Barbara Finley says:

    Hi, Tabetha! I’m so excited to get started! I have a question regarding the needles listed for this project. Do we need both the 24″ and 32″ circular needles or is it one or the other?

    1. Yay! So glad you’ll be joining in! The 32″ length will be used in Clue 5 to handle border stitches, but if you’re happy to squeeze onto a 24″ (like I did), you can just use that.

  7. Barbara Finley says:

    Got it! Thak you!

  8. Barbara Mazzega says:

    What time do the clues drop?

    1. They’ll typically be released before 9am PST. :)

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