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Today’s Taking Back Friday Catch-Up

Felicia Lo Wong at the Taking Back Friday vlog

On today’s Taking Back Friday vlog, we’re going to have a bit of a catch up! I want to talk to you about the SweetGeorgia 2022 Mystery Knit-Along, Autumn Dahlias, that we’re going to be doing this summer. We’ll also talk a bit about some of the yarns that I’ve been spinning, and some of the things I’ve been knitting — all of the things that are happening around us. So … let’s catch up!

Thank you so much for joining me here! I would love to hear from you… if you are interested in doing the mystery knit-along, let me know in the comments which sock blank colourway is your favourite, or which MKAL colour set. Also, if you are not yet a member of the School of SweetGeorgia, I highly encourage you to come and check us out there!


  • what I mention in today’s vlog: Here are links to some of the items I talk about…
    • In this vlog episode, I talk more about the knitting machines I’ve been experimenting with.
    • One of the first sweater projects I have knit with the knitting machine is the Summer in Provence tee by Tabetha Hedrick.
    • The final module of the Fundamentals to Finishing Knits course, taught by Holli Yeoh, was launched this week at the School of SweetGeorgia.
    • The spinning fibre colorulways mentioned are Lighthouse and Farm to Table.If you’re interested in learning to spin yarn for socks, I recommend you taking a look at Rachel Smith’s Spin to Knit Socks course at the School.
    • To get a closer look at our new sock blank colourways, you can see them in this Taking Back Friday Live episode.

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