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Learning the CSM Ribber

Felicia's knit socks made on the Erlbacher circular sock machine

I’ve been carving out some evening time to practice using the circular sock machine (CSM), and on today’s Taking Back Friday, I wanted to share with you my mountain of practice swatches, and also now my new ribbing swatches.

The last time we talked about the CSM, I had just received the machine from Erlbacher. I had set it up and was learning how to crank tubes on it as well as how to make heels. Basically I was making a lot of gauge swatches with our Tough Love Sock yarn, trying to figure out what gauge I could knit on the 60-stitch cylinder. Since then I’ve been practicing a lot of the skills and managed to actually knit a bunch of heels and toes that were not incorrect, so I wanted to share a bit of my progress! Show you the socks I’ve made so far, and also what I’ve learned about the ribber for my circular sock knitting machine.

Erlbacher circular sock machine knitting socks

Thank you so much for joining me here, listening to me talk about sock knitting and heels and heel flaps and 1×1 ribbing… I am so excited about it all! Follow us on Instagram @sweetgeorgia for our posts there and subscribe to our YouTube channel for further videos where I talk about the knitting and the fibre arts. See you in the next one!


  • what I mention in today’s vlog: Here are links to items I talk about in the video…

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2 thoughts on “Learning the CSM Ribber

  1. Judith A. Muldoon says:

    OMG your daughter is so adorable in her part at the end – such a ‘professional’ voice.

  2. Liz Kelly says:

    I loved watching your videos! I have a CSM and am also figuring it out.
    I find the biggest problem is trying new yarns and figuring out gauge and sizing with a new yarn, and how to change the size (width) of the sock using the same cylinders without changing gauge too much…
    Thanks again!

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