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Weaving Loom Restoration for a 1968 Leclerc Fanny Loom: Part 2

Leclerc Fanny loom restoration

I want to tell you about the next step in what is going on with the Leclerc Fanny loom that I am currently restoring. As you’ll see in the video, there is no loom here anymore. It’s all in pieces. This loom is from 1968 and in this previous vlog episode, I talked about not knowing what I should do. I was sitting underneath the loom trying to decide whether or not I should embark upon the project of taking it entirely apart, cleaning and sanding all the pieces, refinishing all the pieces, and then putting it back together.

Well, I have now begun that entire process. I’ve taken apart the loom, piece by piece, trying to keep track of where all of the pieces have gone to (which, I think I can put it back together from memory), and so what I thought I would do in today’s Lo Meets Loom vlog is share with you a little bit about my process so far.

I would love to hear from you if you have done your own loom restoration, or if this has motivated you to clean up your loom as well. Let me know in the comments! It really is a very intense process… I had a bit of pressure as I had to clean up the entire area so the kids could have a playdate, but I do advise keeping on a consistent schedule and consistent rhythm to make sure that you progress towards getting it done!


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