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Finding a Fibre Arts Community

Felicia Lo Wong in the SweetGeorgia dye studio

Today I want to talk about finding your people… your like-minded community of people who love the things you love. When I started our online school and community for the fibre arts, the School of SweetGeorgia (SOS), back in 2017, I was given a lot of advice to niche down. If I was going to teach dyeing, then I should only teach dyeing, and only talk about dyeing, and only hang out with other dyers. And similarly with spinning, or weaving. But if you know me and follow this community, you’ll know that’s just not possible. We are multicraftual makers and this is about the entire spectrum of the fibre arts. Everything that takes you from fibre to cloth — so knitting, spinning, dyeing, weaving and more. I am a multicraftual maker and I want the entirety of who I am to be seen, accepted, encouraged and welcomed.

So this is what led me to starting the School. I really wanted a place where multicraftual people like me, people who are interested in the fibre arts, would feel included and welcome… especially in this big world of the fibre arts.

We would love to welcome you to the School! It’s almost back to school time, and it’s a very natural time in the year when we’re thinking about starting and learning something new. If you’re interested in joining us this year, you can visit us at the School to sign-up for an All-Access membership and it will give you access to everything inside the School.

We have a special offer for you too – use the code TBF22 to lock in a discount of 15% OFF your SOS membership! I hope to meet you inside the School! I really want you to know that you are welcome in our community and if you love all of the different fibre arts and crafts and you want to connect with other people who also get excited about all the crafts, then this is the place to be.


About Felicia Lo

founder + creative director of SweetGeorgia // designer + dreamer // wife + mama // dyer, knitter, spinner, weaver, youtuber + author // been writing this blog about colour and craft since 2004 // see what I am making @lomeetsloom and @sweetgeorgia.

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