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“Back to School” for Fibre Artists

Organizing yarn stash on the Taking Back Friday vlog

Can you believe it’s September already?! My kids are going back to school next week and it’s going to be the start of new routines and new schedules. Our school year is very, very full and it just feels like running a marathon. In order to do it well, without having a meltdown every day, I need to get really set and organized. And so this month has been about resetting my physical, digital, and mental spaces in preparation for the upcoming school year. September is a good time to stop, clear the decks, and restart with a mindset towards learning new things.

I would love to hear from you… if you have a system for avoiding overwhelm when it comes to making things and living a creative life, let me know in the comments!

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  • what I mention in today’s episode: I’m wearing Enlow by Katya Bevinamara, knit in SweetGeorgia Mohair Silk DK in Strawberry Tea.
  • what I mention in today’s episode: Here are links and info about the items talked about in the vlog…
    • Right now I’m working on crackle weave on my Fanny loom. Follow along all of my weaving projects on Instagram at @lomeetsloom.
    • I’m also still learning how to use my flatbed and circular knitting machine. See more about my past knitting machine adventures here.
    • The Multicraftual Maker workshop at the School of SweetGeorgia.
    • Find Charlotte’s courses and posts at the School, and you can follow her multicraftual making on Instagram at @charlotte_milkteacup.

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2 thoughts on ““Back to School” for Fibre Artists

  1. Suzie says:

    This is so helpful Felicia and your visual boxes make a LOT of sense! A visual reminder and focus! And I also appreciate the thoughts of “for now” all the others can be put away and it’s ok. I really feel September is the start of our year and an exciting time!
    The best thing I had for my girl was a stack of drawers for her creative center. As she grew and changed the content in the drawers changed but she knew what was where and could move it around but it was contained!

    1. sweetgeorgia says:

      Thanks Suzie!! Yes, September is the start of the new year for us too. And while the kids are doing all their activities and learning, it gets me excited to learn too. The kids have had a “craft cart” since the pandemic and just yesterday they decided to make a glue and glitter “thing” hahahah what am I going to do with their finished work?!? I’m running out of wall space lol.

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