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Knit City 2022 Recap

SweetGeorgia booth at Knit City 2022

As you’re probably aware, many world events shut down over the past couple of years. When all of those things happened, the big annual yarn festival here in Vancouver, Knit City, moved to a virtual format. Then last year there was a mini show and so we went along with our mini booth. But this year it was back to the full floor plan of vendors along with all of the classes, lectures and evening events… everything was back, including the Knitter’s Lounge.

Last weekend we attended Knit City and the biggest question of the entire weekend was “are you having a good show?”. So on today’s vlog episode, let me tell you my experience of the show!

I’m really interested to hear about how you approach a knitting and yarn show or festival. When you walk in the doors, do you have projects in mind? Do you have yarn that you already know you want to buy, or are you open to whatever happens to be there—looking for what’s new? When you go in, what are you looking for? Let me know in the comments!


  • what I’m wearing in today’s episode: I’m wearing the Navelli design by Caitlin Hunter, which I co-knit with Greta (see more here). It was knit in using our new colourways Tough Love Sock Black Raspberry and Amber Ale.
  • what I mention in today’s episode: Here is information and links to items talked about in the vlog…
    • Learn more about Knit City and the fantastic fibre arts events that Amanda and Fiona put on at the Knit Social website.
    • New Colour System colours can be found at local yarns shops and our online shop, and you can see more about them at this vlog episode.
    • The first doubleweave blanket was woven using the Cabin colour palette on my Schacht Baby Wolf floor loom and the second blanket uses colours from the Elixir palette. The doubleweave course is coming soon to the School of SweetGeorgia.
    • Thank you to Ash Alberg of Sunflower Knit for the kind samples of the Knitters’ Joint Salve.
    • My new faux fur pompoms are from Yarnboler.com.
    • At the Knit City circular sock machine demo was: Karen Ramel of CSM Love, Susan Forsyth of WoolCombs.com and Jenny Hart using the NZAK machine.
  • interested in learning more about fibre arts? If you’re curious about learning more about the fibre arts, visit our weaving and spinning (including fibre prep) courses and more at the School of SweetGeorgia!

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