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October Taking Back Friday Live

Taking Back Friday Live with Felicia Lo Wong

Join me this Friday for our Taking Back Friday Live! The second Friday of each month, instead of sharing a pre-recorded Taking Back Friday vlog, we go LIVE on the SweetGeorgia YouTube channel to have a casual catch-up on all the latest at SweetGeorgia and the School of SweetGeorgia. This month we’ll be talking about Socktober, including our big Socktober Sale, plus the School of SweetGeorgia Spinning Summit. There will also be CSM (circular sock machine) socks to show and a book giveaway!

We’ll be live Friday, October 14th at 10:00 am PDT (1:00 pm EDT)! Bring your knitting, crochet or whatever you’re working on and join in the YouTube live chat online. If you can’t make it, don’t worry as a replay will be available to watch following the end of the livestream.

UPDATE: The replay is now available for viewing. Thank you to everyone who was able to join in the live chat! I look forward to seeing you in our next Taking Back Friday Live on November 4th, 2022 at 10:00 AM PDT!

For entering the giveaway for Patty Lyons’ Knitting Bag of Tricks book, please leave a comment at this blog post (below). We will then do a random draw at the end of October 21, 2022, 11:59pm PDT.
*The giveaway draw is now closed. Thank you everyone for entering!



About Felicia Lo

founder + creative director of SweetGeorgia // designer + dreamer // wife + mama // dyer, knitter, spinner, weaver, youtuber + author // been writing this blog about colour and craft since 2004 // see what I am making @lomeetsloom and @sweetgeorgia.

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27 thoughts on “October Taking Back Friday Live

  1. Sher Long says:

    Love Patty Lyons! I first learned about her through a Craftsly class where I learned how to knit continental style. It was like a wonderful miracle to have learned that style of knitting for me. I can only imagine what else she’s got in her bag of tricks!

  2. Sue Peters says:

    Love she blog and YouTube love. Think this is where I can make a comment for the book giveaway??

  3. Judy Sullivan says:

    Great episode today, thank-you! I’d like to have a copy of Patty Lyons’ “Knitting Bag of Tricks” because I’ve seen Patty’s articles in MDK and appreciate the technical detail and sleuthing she’s done to figure out the how’s and why’s knitting things do what they do. All with a sense of humour! I could really use a bag of knitting tricks.

  4. lawgirl5 says:

    I need this book! I am a newish knitter (since Jan 2021) and don’t really “get” my stitches. I always wonder how people fearlessly rip back their knitting. Like…how do they KNOW where they are then?! Or to look at my knitting and see where my mistake is or why something is happening I don’t expect. I don’t know anyone who knits (except my niece who is 3000+ miles away…) to ask about these things. This would likely be so helpful!

  5. Cathy Carbone says:

    Love PL’s why and reasoning on how stitches work/don’t work. Most often it’s not about the knitter, it’s about either the stitch or directions from the pattern or designer.

  6. Taylor Blair says:

    I would LOVE the book! I just got into knitting and need alllll the tricks!

  7. Jody says:

    I love learning new tips and tricks to improve my knitting.

  8. juliet says:

    Glad to see your CSM progress and learning a lot from your methodical approach! I’m not a super good hand knitter, (usually I machine knit) so I could definitely use more tips!

  9. Laura N says:

    I would love to be able to really come down on the why of the way that knitting behaves, to understand what is happening and to feel more in control of the outcome.

  10. Carla Moss says:

    I love knitting but can find it frustrating at times. Maybe this lovely book by Pattie Lyon’s will help me when it is not so easy

  11. Majka says:

    Thank you for today’s TBF episode! I’ve started knitting more sweaters recently, and my perpetual issue is figuring out gauge and fit – it almost seems that I need to knit patterns with a thicker yarn than recommended to meet gauge. I would love to read Patty Lyons’ Knitting Bag of Tricks: Over 70 sanity saving hacks for better knitting because I am pretty sure this and other of my “struggles” would be explained there :)

  12. Michele Sherban says:

    I would love Patty Lyon’s book because even though I have been knitting for a number of years I always learn something new from Patty.

  13. Diane MacMillan says:

    I’ve beening knitting for over 35 years and I’m still learning new things. This book would certainly help with that.

  14. I’d love to win the book, in this year I learned so much about yarn, I realized that I have to learn as much about knitting, LOL

  15. Mary Meyer says:

    Took a class from patty, enjoyed it immensely. Can’t wait to learn her tricks!

  16. Mariselá says:

    As a beginner knitter that hasn’t done many projects this book would help me better understand how to be more efficient at knitting.

  17. Suzanne says:

    I would LOVE LOVE this! I so want to learn to knit, especially socks. I knitted some when I was younger but usually scarves..lol. This sounds like an excellent resource!

  18. Tara Stump says:

    Was enjoying watching this episode as I was binding off some hand spun, hand knit socks. I’m a new spinner but have been knitting closer to 40 years than I’d like to admit lol. But, I can never stop learning, SOS taught me most of what I know about spinning having started during the pandemic when there were no in person classes. And I’ve learned several new tricks about knitting too. Would love to add Patty’s book to my reference collection.

  19. Lynn says:

    I’ve been knitting over 60 years and the learning just keeps going. I’ve read Patty’s explanations of various ‘why’s and it always amazes me how clear she makes things. I’d this book.

  20. Holly says:

    Another great Taking Back Friday Episode. I would love to win Patty’s book… I’m still relatively new to knitting and there is so much more to learn. And I love to read… it would be a win-win.

  21. Sharon Imler says:

    I am a big believer of swatching, but more encouragement from Patti Lyons has to provide me with better information as to what I am looking to find out from the swatch.

  22. Helen says:

    Although I am an experienced knitted I love learning different tips and tricks and techniques.It sounds as though this book would be a great edition to my library.

  23. Heather Anderson Bellisle says:

    I love Patty’s approach to teaching, and she is the reason I have an Instagram folder with tips that she has shared over the last three years.

  24. Cathy Jencks says:

    I’d love to win this book! She has such great tips that will make knitting more enjoyable. I always like learning something new.

  25. Chelsea says:

    This book looks amazing! I’m always on the lookout for more tools and tricks to help me progress in my knitting journey – and maybe get my out of my current knitting rut. Would love to be considered for the giveaway! Thanks :)

  26. Isabell says:

    This book would be the perfekt dicctionary to go to when we need answers to our questions in my knitting group.

  27. Jo-Anne says:

    Hi, I hope this is not too late, A lot going on. I would love Patty’s knitting book. Although I have been knitting for years I still have lots to learn and I desire to help others on their way to becoming a great knitter. That’s what its all about. Sharing and helping others. Sometimes the teacher needs help as well.

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