Our Wildest Crafting Wish List Picks

Weaving a handwoven scarf on Leclerc Mira II Counterbalance floor loom

In your wildest dreams, what would be on your crafting wish list? We all need new needles, patterns, and yarn, but if time, money, and space weren’t factored in, what would you hope to see as a present under your tree this holiday season?

For me? I think… it would be an electric ball winder… Or a floor loom because I’ve had dreams of learning how to weave (thanks a lot to my enabling team, knowing full well I should probably start with a table loom, but it is “go big or go home” in this house!) … oooo, and about 62 more blocking mats… oh, I know. I know what wild thing I’d want. A sweater’s Vicuña wool to spin and knit just because I want to know what air is like to wear. Oh wait, I did say one, didn’t I? Hah!

I decided to ask my teammates what the wild anything-goes wish list item of their dreams was, and this is what they told me…


A fairy godparent whose magic wand was capable of just-in-time stash enhancement, as needed. Things like fabric, beans, paper, thread, tools, accessories, books…


Stitchmastery (software)


I feel like I already have enough things to last me for the next while… but I would love a Drum Carder for sure!


How about more time??

Electric ball winder.

And a cone winder… things that I would hope would save time… converting yarn from one format to another is definitely an obstacle to my process.

Also, an effective craft journal that I would actually use and be able to keep on hand. Something that is easy to jot notes in. Somehow accessible online from anywhere. And also beautifully designed. I want it to be analog and digital at the same time.


Oh, dang…. just one?!  If space wasn’t an option, Countermarch loom!! (And in response to Felicia’s “more time” wish, “Totally.”)


An e-spinner! I’d also love an Amy Oxford punch needle frame.

Spinning on the Ashford e-spinner 3


I’d go for a big ol’ loom as well.


I guess a Hansen mini spinner, though my two wheels keep me quite busy.

Rachael Lee

The wildest thing I can imagine wanting is a long-arm quilting machine.


My first thought was to say I actually just want new yarn… to replace all the current yarn in my stash with new yarn. That would be so exciting. But there’s also this project bag (you know, cause I reallllly need another new project bag).

aleks Byrd project bag for Brigid's wish list


I don’t think we’re asking for much! So, I want to hear from you—what is your in-my-wildest-dreams crafting wish list item (well, besides the amazing SweetGeorgia yarn you know and love? Wink!)?

Oh, and PS, if you’re looking for dreamy gifts for a crafty loved one, this list should get you started.

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