22 Quick and Easy Holiday Patterns to Make this Season

Ballina shawl knitting pattern

Halloween is over and you know what that means. The gift-giving season is nearly upon us! If you’re looking for quick and easy holiday patterns that you can whip out for loved ones on your gift list, then this is the blog post for you.

Quick-to-Knit Patterns

A Little Lift features a lifted-stitch technique and garter stitch for interesting stitches that don’t take up much time. Worked in Superwash DK Party of Five.

Cider & Fire is a lap blanket that uses two strands of Tough Love Sock together for a fast, fun lace.

Ballina can be easily modified to a bulky knit by using two strands of Superwash DK or four strands of Tough Love Sock. Texture + bulky for the win!

Nilas cowl works up in just a couple of hours. Knits and purls paired with two strands of Superwash DK is the ticket!

Liddel is a fan-favourite worked in five skeins of Mohair Silk DK. The best part about this design is that you can make it narrower or shorter to speed up the knit.

Sastrugi is another knit-and-purl knitting project that you can whip out using Superwash Worsted (plus, it is SO nice against the neck). When it comes to easy holiday patterns, this one takes the cake.

Floe is my go-to hat pattern for an easy gift that suits many personalities. And it only takes a single skein of Superwash DK worked two-stranded.

Riparian is a Mohair Silk Sock pattern perfect for those of you who need a little easy colour play. One weekend and it’s done!

Foli Douce is a sweet little hat that brings BIG joy to the knitter and the wearer. You’ll love the way the stitch pattern flows in our Party of Five sets.

Sunbury Set is a plush hat and mitt set that everyone will want and since it’s worked in Superwash Worsted, you’ll be done in a blink.

Sunbury hat and mitt set makes the list for easy holiday patterns!

Sunbury hat from the Sunbury set

Quick-to-Crochet Patterns

Alanna scarf is warm and cozy in our Superwash DK and you can work it for as long or short as you’d like. Fringe or no fringe, every recipient will love it.

Eliora is the hat you want for “done today.” Mohair Silk DK, a little texture, and a cute pom are all you need to make someone’s day.

Thisbe is another quick hat pattern worked up in a single Party of Five set (which means you don’t have to worry about making any colour decisions).

Solna is one of our favourite lacy shawls, mainly because it features an easy four-row repeat throughout. Worked in Tough Love Sock, it wins top marks in the easy holiday patterns category.

Alegre, worked in Mohair Silk DK, is as luxurious as it is quick-to-stitch. It’s reversible, which means your wearer doesn’t have to worry about which way it goes!

Garden Hue is a quick crochet project that looks amazing at the end, no matter what Party of Five set you use.

Beesong Set is just plain adorable. Whether you make just the hat or the whole set, Superwash DK goes a long way in a short bit of time.

Yona cowl has a wave stitch that is just dreamy! And we love that you can work this beauty in Tough Love Sock or Superwash DK without any fuss.

Vivi triangular shawl features a gorgeous stitch worked in Mohair Silk DK. You’ll reach finished bliss in no time at all.

Seiche is another triangular shawl; you’ll love the fascinatingly easy stitch used throughout. It’s written for Mohair Silk Sock, but give it a try in Superwash DK for an even faster project.

Quick-to-Weave Patterns

Drifting Snow is a beautiful hand-woven project that includes instructions for both wrap and scarf options. You can knock it out with our CashLuxe Fine (warp) and Silk Mist (weft).

Square One Scarf is exclusive to the School of SweetGeorgia site (under Rigid Heddle Weaving Basics), so if you’re a member, this one should be your go-to project to whip out for holiday gifts. Two skeins of Tough Love Sock are all you need.

We’re in the final crunch, dear friends, but hopefully, these easy holiday patterns you can make in a flash help you knock the present season out of the park!


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