How to join the SweetGeorgia Discord server


Tell Me About the Discord Server

The Discord Server is a little experiment on our part. We wanted a free way for our SweetGeorgia fans to connect with us and easily share their projects, photos, progress, and wins (because we always want to see what you’re making!). We wanted a place that felt inclusive, was easy to navigate, and allowed for a little organization of topics, and Discord fit the bill.

If you aren’t super familiar with the platform, let me show you some highlights to get you rolling. First things first, download the app on your favorite device (iPhone and Android devices or Windows and Mac computers). Then signup with our special “invite” link RIGHT HERE.

How to Chat On Discord

how to use discord for February Hold-Along

On the left-hand side, you’ll see the list of “channels,” indicated with the # hashtag symbol. These are just so we can organize things and so you can see clearly where to go for particular topics you’re interested in. You’ll see the # hold-along channel under the header “SweetGeorgia Make-Alongs.” If you click that channel, you’ll see all the people chatting in that channel pop up onto your right (desktop) or open in the app.

In a chat, you can reply directly to someone, you can leave cute emojis of support and admiration, and you can chat with the whole group.

  • To reply to a specific chat, just right-click over their message and you’ll see the reply button
  • To leave an emoji, just right-click over their message and you’ll see some ready-to-go emojis or click “Reactions” for a bunch to choose from
  • Just like on Facebook or other social media reactions, you can also tag people with the @ “at” symbol

To use a GIF or just a group emoji, you’ll use those buttons on the “Message” chat box. There’s also a + “plus sign” symbol that you can use to upload a photo. And, of course, click on all the other channels to check out what people are talking about there, too.

how to use discord for February Hold-Along

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