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I am a Sock Knitting Machine

Felicia Lo circular sock knitting with the Erlbacher CSM

Let’s talk about the sock knitting machine again! Ever since I learned to hand knit socks in 2006, I have been in love with sock knitting. And since I received my Erlbacher Speedster CSM in July last year, I have been obsessively learning how to knit socks using this machine.

I set myself a path for learning how to knit socks on the circular sock knitting machine, and over the past eight months, I’ve developed a bit of a system for making one kind of sock. My goal was first to learn how to make a sock, then the goal was to get really really solid and confident at making this ONE kind of sock. For today’s Taking Back Friday, I want to document my system for knitting socks right now, as it is… because things are going to change soon.

I’d love to hear from you… if you have knit socks for other people in your life as gifts, how do you go about doing it without them findng out you are going to make them socks?



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