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Let’s Actually Take Time to Make Things

Felicia Lo weaving project ready for co-crafting studio sessions

I have a bit of a predicament. I love making. Whether it’s weaving, spinning, or knitting, I started the SweetGeorgia YouTube channel to make videos about making things. And ironically, the more videos that I make, the less crafting I actually get done. I do love making the videos, but right now it’s left me with very little time to do all the other things that I need, and want, to actually make.

Here is where you come in. I would love for you to be my accountability partner.

Studio Sessions

For the next couple of weeks, I’m going to host an experiment. I’m going to host a quiet, hopefully relaxed, livestream of me actually making things on YouTube. That might include me sitting at the loom weaving, working on the knitting machine, spinning, or maybe cranking out a sock on a CSM. I’m interested in showing the making process in real time. When I film and edit a video of me making something, it’s succinct. It’s clear. But I think it can also send the wrong message–that making things is quick and easy. But in fact, the fibre arts can involve a lot of processes which might be slow and take time. I think there’s value in seeing some of that, so I would love to know if you find this kind of video content helpful.

The way that it works

At the same time as the livestream will be running on YouTube, I will be hosting a virtual co-working session for our members at the School of SweetGeorgia. Members will be able to join me in a Zoom room at the top of the hour and share very quickly what their goals are for the hour. Then, we will mute ourselves and concentrate on what we’re doing for 50 minutes. At the end, everyone will unmute themselves and we can share what we managed to do during the session. The whole point of this experiment is to solve the problem that I think many of us have… blocking out time for our crafts, and then actually doing them.

If you are interested in a crafty livestream on YouTube, please join me later today, May 26, 2023 just after 1:00pm PDT, to see what I’m working on. And if you’re a member of the School and you want to join me in the virtual co-crafting session, please visit the SOS Event Calendar to get the Zoom link.

Bring along your favourite drink, a project that you’re working on, and come hang out with me. I hope to see you there soon!


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founder + creative director of SweetGeorgia // designer + dreamer // wife + mama // dyer, knitter, spinner, weaver, youtuber + author // been writing this blog about colour and craft since 2004 // see what I am making @lomeetsloom and @sweetgeorgia.

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