May is for All Things Colour

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Abundant wildflowers, green fields, bright blue skies, birds of every hue are singing. It might look like spring to some, but for us here at SweetGeorgia, it’s the season of COLOUR. We’re taking full advantage of it, and we’ve got loads in store this month to get your imagination and projects infused with a rainbow of hues.

‘Round the Colour Wheel Make-Along

Get ready for our next make-along ‘Round the Colour Wheel! From May 16-May 31, we’re focused on all things hue and trying new ways to put them together.

You can read more about it HERE, but in short: we’re choosing a small accessory with 2+ colours in a colourwork method we might not be super skilled at. Stranded, mosaic, intarsia, etc. We want you to think outside the box and see how much colour can change everything.


We knit Grellow by Tanis Gray in three different colour combinations. From left to right: Sangria, Honey Gold, & Old Letters; Fizzy Water, Wisteria, & Apricot; and Cauldron, Silver, & Mellow. See how each one looks so different?!

We’ll have tons of fun talking about our progress over at the SweetGeorgia Discord server in the #colour-along channel (free to join and you can learn how to use the Discord server HERE).

There WILL be prizes. Wink.

You Mentioned a Sale on SGY patterns?

Oh, yes, indeed! All of our colour-centric patterns are on sale for 25% off until the end of the month, including (these are the Ravelry links):

No coupon code is needed. Sale price appears in cart on Ravelry.

Fission Knitting

If you want a REALLY COOL way to play with colour, try Fission Knitting! Our friend, Mary Martin (who you might know from Knit Stars Season 7), developed an incredible reversible cable technique that combines marls and cables for a huge wow factor.

She worked the Comet Trails blanket in our Mandarin and Dark Orchid in Tough Love Sock. Amazing, right? The Comet Trails eBook just came out this week, containing the blanket, a cowl, wrap, and a scarf (I definitely recommend the cowl or scarf for our Make-Along). And Mary was SO kind to offer ya’ll a code for 30% off the eBook. Use code SWEET30 on either Ravelry or Payhip through May 21.

Simply Fun

There’s also the newly released Simply Fun cowl from our friend Lisa K. Ross. She’s paired five hues from a Party of Five set (Fairytale) with a unique arrangement of slipped stitches and stripes for a fun piece. While the construction is an intermediate skill, she’s created tutorial videos that walk the knitter through each step. You can find it on her website and on Ravelry.

Learning Colour Theory

Besides Felicia’s fantastic colour theory courses on the School of SweetGeorgia, we’re also start dropping some blog articles to help you make the best colour choices for you. Everything from different colour palette options, to working with seasons, and understanding the difference between saturation, value, and hue. And throughout the month of May, we’ve got loads more to show you!

Who knew colour could be so deep? Keep a watch on the blog and we can’t wait to see you on May 16 to cast on!


About Tabetha Hedrick

Tabetha Hedrick is a knitwear designer and writer raising a family just outside the Great Smoky Mountains in Eastern Tennessee. As the Design Director for SweetGeorgia Yarns, her days (and heart) are filled to the brim with knitting, art, writing, editing, planning, and finding ways to put it all together. In the midst of that fibre-filled life, you'll find her living simply in the sweet spot where creativity, discovery, parenthood, and life intertwine.

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