Handmade Nation!

A couple months ago, I found myself quite challenged and provoked by a documentary about the intersection between creativity and responsibility. It is truly liberating and enlightening to have someone describe and defend creative work in any genre. And so, I’m really looking forward to attending the Vancouver premier screening of Handmade Nation this Thursday, July 9th.

I’m hoping it will be a documentary that accurately describes and defends the rising movement of D.I.Y., art, craft, and design. I’m hoping to see women on-screen who do what I do, work how I work, experience both the struggles and the joy that I experience… so that hopefully, I don’t feel like I’m doing this all alone. It’s high expectations for a little film, but I have faith that it won’t disappoint. The director, Faythe Levine, will be present at only this one, Vancouver, screening for a Q&A and book signing session. Hope you’ll come see the film too… because I’d love to hear your feedback on it.