Episode 090: Photographing Knitwear with Abbye Dahl

This week on the show, Felicia chats with Abbye Dahl: a Vancouver-based knitwear designer and professional photographer. Abbye is no stranger to SweetGeorgia Yarns as she created a collection of hat patterns using our yarns called: Cloche Knits. Abbye has also designed a follow-up collection called Cloche Knits 2. If you haven’t seen the photos in Cloche Knits, they are stunning and elegantly shot. Now Abbye is about to share her deep photography knowledge and experience with knitters and she is created a course specifically teaching knitwear designers how to photograph their garments.

  “…one of the things I love about knitting… is the colours and the textures are so rich and… as I was doing it I was like ‘Ah these things are… calling out to be photographed’ So then I would spend time with my knitting just taking pictures of it… just being really inspired by all the different textures and then I was sitting at home and I’m like ‘Well I have all of these awesome pictures of my knitting… just sitting on my hard drive, what can I do with this? How can I start sharing this with other people?’ So I would honestly say it was the photography that got me to start designing just because I felt like I really wanted people to see these pictures of knitting, so I might as well write a patter to go with the pictures. ” –  Abbye Dahl on what inspired her to start designing knitwear patterns



In this episode, we talk about:

  • 1:30 How did Abbye get into the fibre arts?
  • 4:46 Abbye chats about the cloche-style hats she designs and what she loves about them
  • 8:11 Felicia and Abbye talk about the Louise Poncho that Abbye designed for her Rockies collection
  • 10:38 Felicia asks Abbye about her experiences in photography school
  • 13:21 It’s a small world after all: Abbye chats about her connections to two of our former podcast guests: Mariana Frochtengarten and Katrina Stewart
  • 15:14 Discussing Abbye’s upcoming Photography for Knitwear course
  • 20:10 How designers can work effectively with knitwear models
  • 27:02 The challenges of self-portraits
  • 30:50 Abbye’s chats about editing and re-touching knitwear photography
  • 32:41 How Abbye’s new photography course can be for non-designers as well
  • 34:38 Where you can find Abbye online
  • 36:09 Felicia’s Final Notes and Giveaway!


Here’s Where You Can Find Abbye Knits:

Website: www.abbyeknits.com

Knitwear Photography Course: www.abbyeknits.com/photography-for-knitwear

Instagram: @abbyeknits


A Sneak Peek at Abbye’s New Online Course:

If this conversation got you excited for starting to photograph your own knitwear, check out the preview of Abbye’s new online course in this video!


Enter the Giveaway for Abbye Dahl’s Cloche Knits Book:

If you want to see Abbye’s beautiful photography and patterns for yourself, enter our giveaway to win one of two Cloche Knits books! Thanks so much to Abbye for generously donating copies of her beautiful hat collection to our listeners!

Click here to enter the giveaway »


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