Be the first to know…

Our plan for 2018 is to create four to six very special, very limited-edition, and very exclusive projects that we will be calling the “SweetGeorgia Secret Stash”. The challenge behind each of these projects is that it will be a learning experience for us and our team at SweetGeorgia. It might be a combination pattern and yarn kit that was dyed in natural dyes with fibre that came from a local farm, or it might be individually hand-painted sock blanks that were created with a new dye application technique, or it might be… who knows?!

The whole point will be that these projects will be dedicated to expanding the skills, knowledge, and abilities of our team, as a colour-focused artisan dye studio. The whole point for our community of knitters, crocheters, spinners, and weavers is that there will be new textures and colour ideas to work and play with.

We will announce new products, exclusive projects, and more to our newsletter subscribers first and then post it to our blog and social media afterwards. So I hope you’ll join us to be among the first to know!